Journal 27/09/2012


The weekend is practically here, today is another afternoon class, but I am home alone, which is fine with me because I get to blast my music on my speakers at full volume. I had class at 1 so I did my chores and made my breakfast before turning on the computer at 7 and started blasting my music up until 12.

I had an Ex today but I didn’t even bother to study as I had done it already and knew what to do. The morning went by rather quickly and I had to rush out of the house. Got to school and the persons from my class were talking and quizzing each other on the Ex and I moved away because I would have boxed down someone.

My friends didn’t have class until 3 or 4 but were in school early, I hung out with them until the teacher arrived. I wasted no time getting down to business, the only thing that gave me a challenge was the second part which I was doing incorrectly. I caught my error and had to rewrite and in no time I was done.

I had finished so quickly that I managed to catch my friends before they had class, and hung out with them until they went to class. I left for the bus stop and caught a bus after waiting a while.

Got home and went back on the computer, after a short while I decided to re-watch Sin City. That movie entertained me and when it ended I went over to twitter and began my relentless assault of tweets.

Today was the birthday of Guinness and also Google and there was a big celebration for Guinness but I was not there as I had school, so I browsed through Facebook until everyone came home.

Everyone arrived home at around 8 and brought food, my sister wanted to use the computer so I logged off and watched the TV before going to bed early as I had class at 8 the next day.

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