Journal 28/09/2012


It is the official start of the weekend, I of course had school at 8 so I had to be up out of bed very early. I told my mom that I was hanging out with my friends and headed out the door for 7.

Got a bus quickly and reached to school rather early, after waiting a while it looked as if the lecturer was not coming to class and I started celebrating as my day had just gotten better. The lecturer finally came strolling in at 9 and I was highly irritated, he was picking up homework I had not done as yet, so i got it done during class and handed it up (unsure if it was correct but who knows).

Class ended a bit before 10 as he just came to pick up the homework and go over anything that persons didn’t understand. I had to wait a while for my friends before their class ended. We all headed up to the bus stop and relaxed and talked about some random stuff before catching a bus into town.

I was going to be drinking today so I wore my other shoes, in case I got drunk I wont be stumbling all over the place. We all ate lunch and then walked for a bit. One of our friends came up with the idea for us to go to a pool hall for a while before going up to Heritage Square.

We hang out at the pool hall until it was after 4, my friends played pool except for me because I can’t play pool. We had a Guinness by the pool hall before heading up to Heritage Square where we met up with another friend. We all had drinks and I left after that because my head was a bit woozy, as I had not eaten a lot and my mom had told me to be home early.

Got home a little bit before dark, and straight way jumped on the computer, I had a couple of movies downloading and I also had a headache, I went in to watch the movie VHS. I don’t now whether it was the alcohol or the movie was just scary but half-way through I got freaked out and wound up turning off the computer.

I decided to call it a night and get some well needed rest.

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