Weekend Journal 29–30/09/2012


After an embarrassing event last night, my next major problem was leaving my bed as my body just wanted to lay in bed and sleep. I eventually got up at around 9 minutes to 10, made my breakfast and did my chores, my sister was using the computer, so I turned on the TV to see what was showing. My Saturday morning cartoons were not showing and I went straight back into my room to get some more sleep.

My mother woke me up at around 12/ 1 for me to go and wash my clothes. When I came out my sister was gone and the computer was turned off, I hang around for a bit before turning it back on, my mom was going out so I decided to check my blog, Facebook, twitter before continuing VHS.

That movie ended and I was convinced that nothing could scare me anymore as that movie was creepy, scary and down right stomach turning. I hooked back up the monitor I usually use and checked for new movies and downloaded some more. I waited for them to finish before logging off, I saw the movie That’s My Boy was finished and I decided to stay up and watch that.

My sister came home and after an argument, I gave her the laptop, and decided to call it a night.


Woke up a bit late, there was nothing to eat and mom was busy baking so I relaxed for a bit, did some of my chores and then went on the computer. I went straight to twitter and got on that until it was close to 12. I started watching That’s My Boy but after I realized that this movie contained some nudity and my mother would not allow me to watch it in front of her, I stopped it.

I then returned to twitter and Facebook did some mischief before signing out and going into the living room by my favourite chair and watched the movie. After it ended I felt really tired so I turned off the computer and took a short nap before, waking back up a little after 6. Seeing that the computer was still free I logged back on and started browsing.

I ended up downloading Microsoft Office 2013 Preview, but that installation took the entire night and I wanted to go in and watch another movie but by the time everything was finished it was after midnight and I decided to call it a night.

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