Film Review: The Lucky One (2012)

The Lucky One

PG – 13

101 Min



Plot: A Marine travels to Louisiana after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war.

Director: Scott Hicks

Stars: Zac Effron | Taylor Schilling | Blythe Danner

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Movie Summary:

A marine finds a picture of a woman in the sand after a night raid, he goes to pick it up when a missile drops exactly where he was sitting. He decided to keep the picture that was believed to be his good luck charm during the war. He asked around the army base about the picture but didn’t get any answers.

The marine came to the end of his tours and he returned home, it was a difficult adjustment and wound up looking up the picture before he found a picture of something in the background of the picture he found. He headed to Louisiana originally to find out about the picture.

He asked around and was eventually directed to her house, she ran an animal shelter of sorts with the help of her mother, he introduced himself and after learning about the job offer he decided to take it and find someway to tell her about the picture a bit later.

One thing led to another and they became involved, she had a child from a past relationship, the father of the child was very controlling because he was the town’s sheriff and also the mayor’s son. The marine and the woman were separated because the child’s father threatened to take full custody of the child if they didn’t. The father also broke into the marine’s house and found the picture of her and told her about it.

They ended up getting back together and she learned why he came there and also the whole story of her brother’s death. The father died after a rainy night the child ran out into his tree house because of an argument, the father went to save him with help from the marine, but became stuck and the tree house fell on him.


Not a bad movie, reminds me of a similar lifetime movie about a soldier who received letters from someone, and after his tour he came back to find her and they ended up together. Worth the watch.

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