Journal 1/10/2012


Another Monday, Afternoon class as usual, I got up rather early, but was not in the mood to go online so I just hang around the house for a bit. I had to leave home a bit early as I had to go out to Community College to pay my school fee.

Managed to leave the house for 11:30 even though I felt like just staying home and sleeping. Got out to Community and got directions from a friend, on where to find the office. I went up the first flight of stairs and due to my high levels of laziness and the large amount of stairs, I asked someone who told me that I had to go up the second flight of stairs. I got to the top and asked a teacher which door was to the office as there were a lot of doors.

Got into the office and had to wait a bit but was out of there in no time and got a bus as soon as I was leaving the gate. I arrived at school a little before 1 and met up with some friends they were done for the day.

My first class was basic programming, which was easy stuff for me as it came as revision to me. We were given two questions for which we had to do the IPO table, Pseudocode and C code. I got through the IPO and Pseudocode in record time but when I was about to start my C code, another lecturer wanted to use the lab so the Lecturer decided to end class early.

My next class was at 3 and I had a lot of time to kill, I walked around and talked about random things with persons from my class and soon it was 3. We had software Installation and I was ready to go home as I was tired for some reason, the lecturer just went over some of the different commands that we had gotten for the Arch Bang Linux terminal, I understood most of it and what I didn’t understand, I redid before going to help out others.

That class also ended early so I didn’t bother to hang around school, got up to the bus stop and had to wait a while before getting a bus. Got home and my sister was using the computer. I told her that I would have to use the computer.

I was told about a project that was due next week Friday and decided to get on it instead of wasting time, I managed to complete half of the assignment before going to bed as I had class at 8.

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