Create A Bootable USB Drive With Multiple OSes

MultiBootUSB is a simple but very useful application for those seeking a way to install new Operating System using USB. This is a brilliant free Bootable USB maker tool for Windows which supports creating multi-boot USB using multiple Operating System in single USB stick. With it, you can create bootable flash drives as well as even emulate from bootable USB or ISO file. This way, you can format any computer, even netbooks or ultra-thin notebooks, which doesn’t have Optical Drive (CD/DVD ROM). During our test, MultiBootUSB was very effective creating bootable USB real quick as well as testing ISO. In took just over 10 minutes to prepare bootable USB and copy the entire contents of an ISO image of Ubuntu into the USB Stick, without making the system slower. In addition, you need not to install MultiBootUSB to access resources offered as it is a portable tool. Another advantage is that the executable file is small (just over 3 MB) which let’s you carry it easily anywhere. More to read.

As mentioned above, MultiBootUSB is a portable tool. So you do not need to install it before using. Just download the executable file and then run it to get started. Wait for a few second to let the app find out all plugged flash drive. Once it finishes loading, the home window will be shown.

MultiBootUSB-Create-Bootable-USB-Drive-With-Multiple-OS-&-Test-Emulate-ISO-In-QEMU-[Windows] (4)

MultiBootUSB completes the whole process of creating bootable USB device in 3 simple steps. And so the app window has three parts: Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. From the first step, select the USB Stick you want to use as a portable. All USB sticks and portable drives connected to the computer will be displayed here, so be sure to mark only one who really want to use.

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The second step is to choose the ISO image from which the installation files will be copied. To do this, click Browse ISO and navigate to the directory where the ISO is. Then just click on Create from the Step 3 and wait until the MultiBootUSB prepare the flash drive and transfer the necessary files into the device.

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Remember that the copy process may take a while. It may take 5 minutes to 10/15 minutes upon your system resource.

Once you have added one OS in the USB Stick, you can start from the beginning again to add another OS it the same drive without replacing the old one. Thus you will be able to make a multi-OS bootable USB Stick.

MultiBootUSB-Create-Bootable-USB-Drive-With-Multiple-OS-&-Test-Emulate-ISO-In-QEMU-[Windows] (5)

But that’s not the main thing that draws our attention. What impressed us most is the ability to emulate OS from ISO or USB in QEMU using this tool. That means you will be able to check the OS before installing by emulating it instantly from your PC. To do so, just move to QEMU tab and select either Boot ISO or Boot USB. You can also select how much RAM you are going to dedicate there. We have successfully emulated Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview using this feature.

MultiBootUSB-Create-Bootable-USB-Drive-With-Multiple-OS-&-Test-Emulate-ISO-In-QEMU-[Windows] (2)

MultiBootUSB-Create-Bootable-USB-Drive-With-Multiple-OS-&-Test-Emulate-ISO-In-QEMU-[Windows] (3)

MultiBootUSB is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Bootable USB creator tool we have ever come up with. This tool allows you to create bootable USB with two or more OS in single USB stick and test ISO/USB before installing in QEMU. MultiBootUSB works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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