Journal 03/10/2012


Got up early in the morning and immediately jumped on the computer, as I had to turn my flash drive into a bootable version of windows 7 as a friend had asked me to install windows 7 on her computer. I searched the web for different solutions and found none, I decided I should open up PowerISO and there was the option to create a bootable usb drive. Got it done and made sure I tested it for any errors, luckily there weren’t any so I logged off and headed off to school after I ate breakfast and lunch and got ready of course.

Got to school a little before class began and started the installation, midway into the installation, the lecturer arrived and talked for a bit before class actually began. The installation finished successfully but I could not do the updates as well as register the Operating system as the wireless card drivers were not installed. Which meant I had to carry it home, which is exactly what I did not want to do as it was a bit heavy and I like to have my bag nice and light.

I lugged with the heavy computer to my next class which is entrepreneurship. Luckily the lecturer gave us a take home group assignment which was due the next day so I did not have to do much writing. As soon as class ended I headed home and in no time caught a bus and was home. Because the set up at my house is very outdated meaning I have a single port modem, only the computer which I had brought home could use the internet, which left me in a terrible state of boredom.

My sister got home and got into an argument with me and I went for my aunt’s wireless modem for the night. The computer that I had brought home finally finished up its first round of updates for about 8 which enable the wireless and allowed for me to move to a more comfortable seat. I then proceeded to download extra browsers and install windows live before it was time to install the next round of updates which included more drivers which finally ended at around 12 minutes to 1 and I decided to hit the sack as I would have to get early the next day to compete the rest updates.

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