Journal 04/10/2012


It is almost the weekend, I had to get up very early today, luckily I had evening classes so I was in no rush to leave home. I checked the windows installation from yesterday and also installed the rest updates which showed up including windows service pack 1 before turning off the computer. While the updates were installing I got busy on my blogging and before I knew it, I had to rush and eat lunch and get ready for school.

I had to wait a while before I finally got a bus. The bus was moving was moving rather slowly so it took a bit longer but I still made it to school with time to spare. Got there and found some of my friends, they did not have class until 3 so I hang out with them for a while. I saw that persons from my class were at the classroom so I headed over there and delivered back the computer to the person.

The lecturer started class a bit after that and did some more examples to ensure that the class understood NAND and NOR gates. He ended class early and informed us that we will not be having his class on Tuesday because of a workshop and also gave us a research assignment to do.

My friends class had not started as yet so I hanged out with them again before I looked for the persons from my class for a while and then leaving school a little after 3. I had to wait a while for a bus but I finally got one. I got home and jumped online, exhaustion and a bit of laziness had set in so I did not bother blogging or finishing up the post I had started. I had a couple of movies and music downloading so I opened up Virtual DJ and did some mixing before my sister wanted to use the computer.

My aunt called and asked if could type up something for her by Saturday. I collected it and headed into my room to listen some music. I came back out to check what was showing on TV, nothing that interested me was showing so I decided to go to sleep as I had school at 8 in the morning.

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