Journal 05/10/2012


The official start of the weekend and I am in a mood where nothing can get me angry. Got up on time and made breakfast and managed to leave home on time. I did not have to wait for a bus as I got a free ride to school and arrived early. Got to school and headed straight to class, not a lot of persons had arrived as yet so I had to wait.

Some more persons arrived and then we were informed by another lecturer that our lecturer would not be coming in today (more good news). I hanged out with the persons from my class for a while before leaving school early for my home as I had to type up the project for my aunt. I had to wait for a bit before I finally got a bus and arrived home a little after 10.

I procrastinated for a bit before eating lunch and eventually started typing and ended a little after 2. The project came up to five or four pages total. As soon as I got don I wrote up and published a movie review. I had nothing to do so I headed to twitter to harass my followers but that eventually got boring. I called my aunt to inform her I was finished and she proofread it before printing it off.

A friend messaged me as soon as she finished so I talked with her for a while before going leaving to watch The Five Year Engagement. That movie carried me into the night and I finally finished watching it for 8:30. I waited for some of my downloads to finish before I headed in. I took the computer with me and wrote up the reviews for Five Year Engagement and Snow White and the Huntsman.

I then finished off the night by watching the Babymakers, that movie took me up to 1:30 in the night or morning and exhaustion was now setting in so I turned off the computer and hit the sack.

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