Weekend Journal 06 – 07/10/2012


Today I was so tired that I slept through most of the day. I got up around 10 minutes to 11 and ate breakfast and then I just went back into bed. I then went online for about 30 minutes to publish two posts I had written up the night before and then I went back into my bed again.

I eventually got up for about minutes to 4 in the afternoon and ate lunch and went online. All that resting had given me back my energy and allowed me to do research and also write up my blog posts. I published the fist journal post for October which was long overdue and decided that, that was enough blogging for one day.

I then headed over to twitter and made some trouble before searching for some movies to watch. I had Madagascar 3 downloading but when I saw that the download for the Expendables 2 was out I paused it and downloaded that instead. The download finished around 10 so I decided to stay out and let Madagascar 3 finish downloading while I watch the Expendables 2. That movie took me up to 12 in the night at which time I was properly tired and sleepy again so I went to bed.


I had to get up early as I had to prepare for church. I did my chores and picked out my clothes before finally getting ready. I never left the house until 920 because I was moving rather sluggish. I arrived for Sunday School and listened to the best of my ability but sadly my memory failed me so I don’t remember much.

I had to do the music lyrics projections for the morning worship, which flew by rather quickly, probably because I was doing a good job and was well rested. I got home and hopped on the computer and started blogging and was soon finished. I then went and watched Madagascar 3, it does not matter how old you are those animals will make you laugh.

When that finished I did not have much to do so I continued researching my school project until I could no longer continue anymore. I decided to head over to twitter and see what everyone was up to, tweeted for a bit before I started to feel tired and decided to go to sleep.


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