Weekly Journal 08–13/10/2012

Monday 08/10/2012

Another Monday has rolled around and as you already know afternoon classes, so I was in no rush to leave my bed or do anything. I got up early to do some work on my project, I manage to get a lot done but I wasn’t finish as I had three other questions to do.

Before I knew it was close to 11 and I had to start getting ready for school. I ate lunch and left home on time. After a short walk to the gap, I got a bus and in no time I was at school. I got to school to find out that I might have a test today. Everyone else was busy freaking out but I was more whatever.

Basic Programming class came and we indeed had a test, I did my best on it, only one question I did not remember completely and after I realized I knew what it was but I doubted myself.

My next class; Software Installation finally came and all we had to do was recreate our virtual machines individually using, a set of new instructions from the lecturer, I knew how to create the machine as I did it on my own before and had no problem doing it. I got finished rather early and left class, on my way out a friend asked me to take a look at a computer that had windows 7 activation problems, he asked me if I could fix it and I said I would take a look at it tomorrow.

I got home early and headed online for a bit, I decided I was not going to do any school work today and did some blogging and research before my sister came home and wanted to use the computer so I logged off.

Tuesday 09/10/2012

I did not have class until 10 because of a workshop, so I got up early and headed online, I did some more testing of the Multios program and it turned out that I can’t have multiple windows installations on the same flash drive. I realized it was getting late so I just placed my windows activator on the flash drive and headed to school.

I got to school two minutes before class and just headed for it, I met up with persons from my class and waited on the lecturer. The lecturer finally came and we had another quiz this time we had to com up with the pseudocode and C code for the program. The lecturer only wanted the C code, which was good because my pseudocode was not done well but I knew what I was doing. I finished and left class early.

My next class was at 1 so I had a lot of time to kill. I met up with my friends, they did not have class until the afternoon so we all hung out for a bit. We moved to a different classroom to eat lunch and just relaxed until it was 1. I headed to my class but apparently I did not have class so I just turned around and headed back to where I was, I met up with some different friends and talked some random things with them before I went back to the class. When I got there a lecturer came around and ran us, so we moved to a different class room.

My next class was at 3, Entrepreneurship. I headed back to those other friends until it was class time. Today we were having a guest lecturer who was going to tell us about small business and business plans, and the business plan’s requirements and what it means. The lecture ended at 4, minutes to 5 so I just headed for the bus stop as my friend’s class did not end until 5.

I got there and had to wait for a while before I got a bus, and reached home just before dark, my sister was already home and online and so she asked me if I wanted to sleep now and wake up early and go on then as she had a project to do. I decided to go with that and headed in for about 7.

I woke up close to midnight and headed out. My sister was just logging off so I headed online. I could not do much and I decided to go back to sleep at 2.

Wednesday 10/10/2012

I woke up early in the morning and headed back online and continued work on my assignment. I didn’t have class until 2 so I had a lot of time. I decided to check my email and found out that I did not have my 4 –  5 class and after my 2 – 4 class I can head home.

I took a break from my project and did some blogging and published two posts before ending with that. As by the time I had finished it was close to the time in which I had to leave. I got ready and ate lunch and left home for close to 1.

I had no problem getting a bus and arrived at school with time to spare. For some strange reason the extent of my tiredness had suddenly set in and I started to dose off in the class. I realized it and tried my best to stay focus but the heat was not helping either. The class took a break half way through and it seemed as if the class was going on forever.

I washed off my face and headed back in class, the lecturer finished up and ended class, before informing my class that we had to come to school for 930 in the school’s traditional uniform for a handing over ceremony of the school’s new computer lab. As I was ending early, I decided to hang out with my friends for a bit. After a while, we each went home, one by one as we still had an assignment to do.

I got home and because of how tired I was, I decided to head in and sleep, I woke up for a little after 10 and decided to sleep through the night.

Thursday 11/10/2012

Today I had to get up early which was a drag especially since I had to wear the traditional uniform, which I look terrible in. After procrastinating a bit in my bed, I got up and made breakfast and also fixed my lunch as I would have to stay the whole day in school due to afternoon classes.

I got ready and left home for some minutes past 8. I had to wait a while for a bus, but I eventually got one, by this time the traffic had eased up a bit, but it was still heavy, so it took a while. I got to school with time to spare, as I reached for 9 and the ceremony started at 930.

The ceremony went well and we received speeches from several dignitaries including the dean of the division as well as the deputy dean for the entire college. We then had to take a short walk to the new lab and there they had the cutting of the ribbon as well as a small exhibit to display the use of these new computers.

I hang out with my friends during all of this as I saw it as pointless for me to be there. I loitered for a bit before it turned 12 and went to eat my lunch. It was after I had finished lunch that I found out that the lecturer I was supposed to be having today is not in school.

I was rather upset and headed home, I didn’t wait long and got a bus home. I got home and found myself, very bored and I did not feel like jumping into my assignment as yet so I started reading Naruto Manga, and after finishing off the first seven chapters, I started my assignment.

Because of all the time I had wasted, I didn’t have time to summarize my project and ended up having 15 pages total with the cover page. I finished for about midnight and decided to do the cover page in Photoshop, it turned out rather well, as it had been a while. I didn’t have any colored ink to print off my work so everything came out in black and white, which I had no problem with.

Friday 12/10/2012

I had to get up early today as I had class at 8 and there was rumor of an ex which I paid no attention to as I really did not care. Got to school and bough a folder for my project and headed to class. The lecturer had not arrived as yet so I just relaxed, persons from my class started to arrive and when they saw my project immediately commented on the size of my project, but I paid no mind to it, as it was this size because I did not have time to summarize the project.

The lecturer finally arrived and it turns out that we in fact had an ex. I started laughing as I knew there was no way I could pass the ex. I had some assistance from some classmates and when I was about to do the second question the lecturer placed the formula on the board and I sort of remembered what to do and got finished.

Another classmate had finished before me so, I left and met up with her, I was looking for the lecturer to give him his project. After searching the school and failing to find him, we were resting at the tuck-shop, before the lecturer arrived and I handed him the project.

He commented on the size of the project and I explained it to him. I immediately headed for home as I had no more reason to be in school. I got home and continued reading Naruto Manga until my mother came home.

I had some movies downloading so I waited for them to finish then I headed into my room, then I came back out and hooked up the monitor, but I finally ended up in the living room with computer and started watching a movie before falling asleep.

Saturday 13/10/2012

I awoke early in the morning to loud shouting coming from outside my room, I got up to investigate, when I was greeted with the news that the transformer for the entire house caught fire. I was the only calm one, mainly due to the fact that I had just awaken, I helped them turned and checked that the main switch was off before looking at the transformer. It was a small fire which looked like it was mainly on the transformer’s board.

After about 5 minutes the fire eventually went out, after about an hour I helped my mother detach the transformer from the house and turned on back the circuit breaker. The rest of the day went along uneventful and boring as any other Saturday.

I ate breakfast and relaxed and watched TV for a bit before going back inside my room to relax. I got up for about 3pm and ate lunch, I did not feel like going to youth meeting so I headed online instead, nothing much was happening so I looked for different things to do.

I found out that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was available for download and I downloaded that along with Ice Age 4. I realized that those two would take the entire night so I continued to read Naruto Manga until I reached chapter 37 before heading in to sleep.

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