Weekly Journal 14-20/10/2012

Sunday 14/10/2012

I had church today so I had to get up rather early, after the commotion yesterday, I was now faced with the task of getting accustomed to use the stove for everything, that I had to do. I made breakfast and fed the dogs, before getting ready for church. As the day was very cold because of heavy rain, I decided to go all black, and wear a tie (first time in months, probably years).

I arrived at church for minutes to 10 and sat through Sunday school, before the service started. I was given a poem for the upcoming Christmas program at the end of the Sunday school service. Sunday morning service started and it was not bad, the singing was first which went up until 11 and I did not have to work the projector.

Up next was the preaching which took church up until 12 before everything concluded. I got home and jumped straight on the computer and started watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It was not a bad movie, After that finished I started watching Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, but had to stop it mid way to go and wash my clothes because, my mom informed me that I would be going to night church with her.

I was not happy with it but I washed my clothes and quickly got dressed and left. Night church was from 6:30 to about 8:30, when I arrived my friends from church were surprised to see me at night church, and I just laughed. It was soon 8:30 and I got home and jumped back on the computer and continued my movie.

When the movie got done I was feeling tired so I went to sleep early.

Monday 15/10/2012

Another Monday, I woke up wishing it was still the weekend as I really did not feel like going to school. I had classes in the afternoon so I was in no real rush to get up. Finally left my bed around minute to 10 as my mother woke me up wanting me to do something for her. I remembered a friend had wanted my flash drive for them to install Windows 7, so I made sure I placed it into my bag in the event that I met up with him. Before I knew it, it was time for me to leave home.

I got ready and ate lunch, before setting out for school for 12:30; I didn’t have a long wait for a bus which is normal for around that time. In no time I was at school, I met up with my friend who wanted my flash drive and gave him it. I then continued on my way to school, finally got there and met up with person’s from my class.

My first class was Basic Programming and we weren’t doing much today, only some test corrections, I got back my paper and apparently did the best in the class, which was surprising as I didn’t even know about a test and did not study. The lecturer went over the coding part first to ensure that everyone understood and gave us some examples to do before ending class.

My next class was Software Installation, Today we were just going over some more commands in Arch Bang, which took me no time at all, and helped out another class mate who was having problems with their Virtual Machine before leaving class early.

I had to wait for a while but eventually got a bus home. I had nothing much to do  so I checked my email, a friend had given me a flash drive to place windows 7 on so I did that and then went offline. I watched Monday night raw for a bit before going to sleep.

Tuesday 16/10/2012

Today I had class at 8 and I really did not feel like getting up, anyway after procrastinating for a bit I made my breakfast and left home for about 7. I had to wait a bit for a bus but I really did not care. Finally got to school and found out that we were having an ex in this class. I completed the test which was on Logic gates in no time and got back my answer sheet from the last ex, I failed but It was because I had to re-write and did not place my working.

I found out that my class did not have class on Wednesday and Friday, which I loved as I really was not in the school mood. My next class was Basic Programming and I headed for class, we were just doing some more C coding to make sure that everyone understood, I knew what I was doing and had no problem following.

That class ended a bit early and I hung around the persons from my class for a bit before I met up with my friends. I ate lunch and then relaxed some  more as my next class was at 1, which was Mathematics. That class finally came and before I knew it I found myself sleeping in the class.

That class went by quickly but my next class was at 3, so I had time to kill. In no time it was 3 and I went to class, I learned about a group assignment we had to do, but the only problem was the I did not remember who the members of my group was. That class ended a little before 5 so I headed for the bus stop. I had a bit of a wait but eventually got a bus.

I got home and was set on either installing windows 8 or redoing my computer system as I did not like the fact that the hard drive was partitioned in half. I soon gave it up as windows 8 would run slowly on my computer and I did not have my flash drive to do it, but not before I deleted most of my files.

As I did not have school, I stayed up late and watched a movie on TV, before going to sleep.

Wednesday 17/10/2012

I had no school today, so I slept in late before I got up at 10, because my mom was calling me. My mom had made breakfast already so I didn’t have much to do, I did my chores before jumping onto the computer. I started doing some research on the projects that I had to do, The Entrepreneurship Project required me to interview two entrepreneurs but they could not be a relative. My software Installation project, required the group to select three different Operating Systems, which could run on a hardware with 256MB of Ram and an 8GB hard drive.

I had removed all of my movies and pictures, so I started downloading back my movies alone because most of the pictures I had were hard to find, let alone download again. I didn’t have much to do so I looked for my logo psd which I had backed up and started working on it in hopes of finding a better logo, I came up with a simpler draft but I didn’t really like so I published it and asked for an opinion on which was better.

After I got a request that I should try something in the middle, and came up with a something new, the only change I made from the new draft was the M, I added that to the post and decided to log off. I went in and my movie Chernobyl Diaries had finished so I watched that, it was not a bad movie but rally predictable.

Thursday 18/10/2012

I got up early and jumped online and did up the review for Chernobyl Diaries, before I got ready for school. Today felt like a Monday because of the day off in the middle of the week. I only had Digital Fundamentals which was in the afternoon.

I left home and got a bus as I was walking to the main road, and reached school for a little after 1, luckily the lecturer had not arrived as yet so everything was good. I met up with someone from my class who was trying to get the windows I had done for them installed but wasn’t getting the computer to select the flash drive to as the first boot device. I tried for several time but couldn’t get into the boot menu, so I just pressed all the function keys and one of them worked, as the device selection came up and allowed the computer to install windows 7.

The lecturer gave us some more Logic Gate circuits to do before, he moved on to Designing. Designing seemed a bit hard but I got the hang of it and the lecturer ended class early. I hung around for a bit before heading for the bus stop, I didn’t have school tomorrow so my weekend officially had started.

I had to wait a while but eventually got a bus, and headed home, I hadn’t played any computer games in a while so I looked for games that worked great on Netbooks, I found a list and downloaded Call of Duty 1. I let it download for a bit.

My aunt wanted me to type up a document for her, but I was using her Computer and I was not used to the keyboard layout as I had been using the netbook for a while. I waited until my sister, logged off and took the netbook in with me and started typing, part of the document I had already completed so I only had to make a couple of changes before I called it a night.

Friday 19/10/2012

I had to wake up early as my mom had to leave home, I made breakfast and did my chores, before I turned on the computer and let the game finish downloading. While the game was downloading I continued to type, which took a while to finish. The game finished a little before 12 and as soon as it did, I jumped straight into it but I was still typing so I only started it but I didn’t play for long.

I soon finished my typing and jumped into the game, I played for a couple of hours, but I paused for a bit when I heard the sound of a vehicle, coming into my yard. It was my Mom and Aunt, who apparently had gotten the vehicle today. It was a Honda CRV, 2001 model and it didn’t look bad. I didn’t pay much attention to that as I was busy gaming and headed back to the game when all the commotion ended.

I played the game for a few more hours before my mother came into the house to drop off the groceries, apparently everyone had a problem because I did not go outside to look when the vehicle came into yard. I ignored her and continued my gaming until it was late in the night. I eventually went to sleep for a little after 11 as I had to get up early tomorrow.

Saturday 20/10/2012

I had to get up early today as I had to go and buy cooking gas, I went down to wait at 5:45 and was there until it was minutes to 7 when I came back up as it seemed as if the truck was not coming. When I came back up my mother told me that my aunt was coming over to check the document and make any necessary edits.

That got finished at around 8:30 in the morning and I just decided to jump straight into my gaming , but had to end up quitting as my mom had a problem with it as I had not even ate breakfast as yet. I made breakfast and then started my gaming again. I completed a level before I got stuck and closed the game, I checked my email  and blog before I logged off because I got a headache.

I came back out for about 3:40 and ate lunch and got ready for youth meeting. I knew I was going to be late, but I tried to hurry. I left home for about 4:45 and they were planning out the upcoming Christmas program. They apparently were doing a play this year and had reached on the character selections, I tried my best not get involved as I was hoping not to be selected, I failed miserably as I was playing a son.

I can’t say anymore about the play because I don’t know much more. The complete cast was selected and we went up to do a practice take, I did not know what I was supposed to be doing as I had been absent for a while. Anyway I figured it out and got better. Youth meeting completed at 6 and it was already dark, because of the seasons.

I got home and went back online, and then did some gaming before going to sleep early.


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