Film Review: That’s My Boy (2012)

That’s My Boy


116 Minutes



Plot: While in his teens, Donny fathered a son, Todd, and raised him as a single parent up until Todd’s 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd’s world comes crashing down when Donny resurfaces just before Todd’s wedding.

Director: Sean Anders

Writer: David Caspe

Stars: Adam Sandler | Andy Samberg | Leighton Meester

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Movie Summary

Donny A high school student gets involved with his teacher and winds up getting her pregnant and exposing their entire relationship. They got to court and she is sent behind bars and the child is placed into the custody of Donny who is now a superstar. Fast-forward a couple of years, Donny and the child (Todd) are now grown adults. The child moved out when he turned 18 and Donny is now broke and no longer a star.

He visits a lawyer who is his friend because he is being called up on tax evasion, and is given the news that he has only a couple of days to come up with a large sum of money. He starts reading and finds a picture of his son who is doing well for himself was getting married. He comes up with a plan and tracks down his son to ask him for the money. He finds the place and introduces himself, his son who has problems, with his childhood had changed his name to get away from his past. His son introduced him as an old friend at the engagement party and his father is the life of the party. Eventually someone remembers who his father (friend) was.

Donny feels guilty about the way he treated him and is focused on being a father and is to guilt filled to ask for the money. He decides to come up with another way to get the money and manipulates Todd into going to see his mother in jail, but the plan backfires and he is unable to get the money. Donny manages to make back up with him, and throws him a bachelor party after the originally planned one turned out to be rather boring. One thing led to another and they were now close again, when he overheard a conversation between his fiancé and someone else which sounded as if she was cheating on him.

Donny is kicked out and the couple continue their festivities, His father felt guilty so he followed his son’s fiancé back to the hotel to apologize and get her to make things between him and his son better. He walks in on her having sex with her brother, who is not actually in an army or any kind. Todd’s fiancé manages to buy him out and keeps him away from the ceremony. Donny feels too badly and decides that he should tell his son the truth about her. He reaches in time to stop the ceremony and get the fiancé to tell his son the truth and the wedding is called off.

Donny ended up not asking Todd for the money and even though his son offered to give him the money, he refused. Donny received a call from his lawyer friend on a bet he had placed and to his surprise he won, which gave him 160 thousand dollars allowing him not to have to go to jail.


A nice comedy, contains nudity and strong sexual content so this is not a movie for kids. It is not one of Adam Sandler’s best movies and it kind of let me down because I was so hyped (excited) with the trailer.

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