Weekly Journal 21 – 27/10/2012

Sunday 21/10/2012

Another Sunday, I of course had to get up early as I had to prepare for church. I got up for about 7:45 and did nothing until it was 8. I ate breakfast and did my chores before getting ready for church. I ended up reaching to church late but the morning service had not started yet so technically I was early.

The morning service started with the song service, which went until 11 and then the preaching until 12. I was really tired for some strange reason and started dosing off, but awoke around the time when the preacher was concluding.

I got home and jumped on the computer, I had a couple of movies downloaded as I had re-downloaded some of them that I had deleted. I had seen that The Campaign was out so I downloaded that as well. The Campaign was very funny especially when they were campaigning (a bit redundant). That movie ended and I went and did my chores before going back on the computer and started up Call of Duty 1 and played that for a bit.

I played the game up until 11 before going into my room with the computer. I then browsed the net some more before starting to watch Rock of Ages, at midnight. That movie ended at 2 am and I decided that it was time I went to bed.

Monday 22/10/2012

Today I had afternoon classes so I was in no hurry to leave my bed. I eventually got up and ate breakfast and went on the computer to check my email. There was nothing special or important so I check my blog and social media sites, by the time I had finished checking it was 11 and I had to start preparing for school.

I eventually moved from the computer and got ready for school at 11:30 by 12 I was finished and ate lunch, before leaving for 12:30. As soon as I left home I got a bus, in no time I was at school. I was a bit late, by about 5 minutes but it wasn’t a big problem. My first class was Basic Programming and for this class we started doing Logic Gates which was very easy for me as I was already doing it in another class.

Next up was Software Installation, we were placed into our groups to start researching some of the operating systems we had selected. I had already done up some research on a few but it was left to the group as to whether or not we would use any of them. The lecturer had each group look for a Linux OS to install for the next class to allow for persons to get familiar with Virtual Box.

That class ended and I went home, relaxed for a bit before going to sleep “early” as I stayed up watching Monday Night RAW.

Tuesday 23/10/2012

Class at 8 so I was awaken by my two phone alarms, which are set for 5, 5:30. Got up made breakfast and packed my lunch, managed to leave the house in time to catch the last early bus, which was working in my area. I got to school on time as the lecturer had not arrived as yet. My first class was Digital Fundamentals and he was not doing a lot, just some test corrections. I got back my test paper and I got 100% and celebrated “modestly”. He then moved a bit more into logic gates after the corrections.

Basic Programming class came and we were doing logic gates in that class, which was preparation for a test we would be having the following week. I found out that I would not be having class for the rest of the week, because of the school’s activities for St. Vincent & The Grenadines 33rd year of independence. I remained calm as I had Maths after lunch and really needed to stay positive.

Met up with some of my friends and ate lunch. I went to my maths class and wound up sleeping through the entire class. I had a short 1 hour break between classes so I relaxed and played some fruit ninja before going to my class at 3. That class ended rather early as he did not have a lot of things to go over before ending class.

I was done with school for the week so I stayed back a bit and talked about random things with my friends before going home. I stayed up extra late and redid my computer system to remove the half – and half partition setup before tiredness took over and I had to go to bed at around 2 am.

Wednesday 24/10/2012

Woke up early as I had to now install updates and my various programs and restore my files which I had backed up. I did not upgrade to Windows 8 as I am using a very slow and outdated netbook with a low resolutions screen and 1 GB of ram and Windows 8 and all its effects would eat right through it and make it difficult to do anything more than browse the internet and listen music.

About halfway into the installations, I went outside to take a look at my aunt’s vehicle, it had a few scratches on the mirror from shipping but nothing too serious, but it did not have any dents though. I came back inside to find that my updates had stopped and my net was down, upon investigation it revealed that electricity had went and might not be back for some time.

I let the computer hibernate and went in to lie down; for about 12 I started feeling a heat on my face, when I got up the electricity was back so I wasted no time in getting back online and continuing to download my various programs as well a windows updates. My sister came home and checked out my aunt’s computer, I heard the engine start so I got up off my bed to check it out. I came back in and started looking for an Adobe CS5 download but only found CS6 and CS4. Those took me late into the night before I decided to go to bed because I was feeling tired.

Thursday 25/10/2012

Woke up for about 9, I wanted to wash my clothes today to get it out of the way, but my sister was going away for the weekend so I let her wash instead. I continued my CS4 and CS6 downloads, before I saw that The Amazing Spiderman was out so I downloaded that and watched it. The movie was somewhat disappointing as I expected more, the entire story of Peter Parker was changed and it was now a lot more confusing.

Friday 26/10/2012

Saturday 27/10/2012

Today Was St. Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day.
St vincent grenadines flag 300

The nation was celebrating 33 years of independence from England. I got up early to wash my clothes, which were a lot (a month’s worth). I never got finished until about 12 / 1 pm. I had turned on the computer to allow my CS4 and CS6 downloads to continue while I was washing and they were about half way finished.

I came back inside and I was completely drained as I had to wash on my hands, I ate lunch and jumped online to see what was happening. I did not have to go to youth meeting as it was a national holiday. I re-watch The Amazing Spiderman as all of my movie downloads had been removed because I redid the computer system.

It was soon night time and I wanted to stay up late and do some blogging as I had posts overdue but I was too tired to do it so I went to bed early.

… Sorry about the missing days as there was an error with the post and only part of the last day was left and the latest draft did not have the complete post as it was done on the blog.

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