Film Review: The Babymakers (2012)

The Babymakers (2012)The Babymakers

MPAA Rating:  R

Length:  95 Minutes

Year:  2012

Genre:  Adventure | Comedy

Plot: After failing to get his wife pregnant, a guy (Schneider) recruits his pals to steal the deposit he left at a sperm bank years ago.

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar

Writers: Peter Gaulke | Gerry Swallow

Stars:  Paul Schneider | Olivia Munn | Kevin Heffernan

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Movie Summary

A married couple are trying to have a child, they have been trying for several months before the wife, decided that they should take a fertility test. The doctor returns and tells the couple that the husband is shooting blanks, but the wife is perfectly fine for making children. Disappointed by this the husband, tells his friends and soon, everyone in the neighbourhood is giving the couple advice and recipes guaranteed that they claim to work for the couple’s problem.  The husband (Schneider) remembers that he had deposited some sperm at a sperm bank in order to allow him to buy his wife her wedding ring. He comes up with a plan to go to the sperm bank and make a retrieval in the hopes that his wife would never know.

One night after some pestering from his wife’s parents about him not being able to make children, he tells his wife the truth about her wedding ring, which upsets her. He goes to the bank and finds out that his last deposit which remained was sold to a couple. He visits the couple which turned out to be a gay couple and explained his problem to them, after one left he offered to give Schneider the sperm if he allowed the guy to have sex with him. Schneider refused and went home, after thinking for a while, he comes up with the plan to rob the sperm bank. He asks his friends for assistance and also employs the help of a thief.

After they all have a laugh of the idea they come up with a plan and a date, everything is going well, and after some misfortunes it finally comes time for them to rob the sperm bank. They manage to get in without much trouble and recover the vile of sperm, before the police showed up and they have to now change the plan and try to avoid capture. It so happens that his wife had figured out what he was up to and followed him to the sperm bank and showed up when they were running from the cops. One thing led to another and they are all split up and Schneider is cornered by the police, when his wife shows up. She persuades the cops to let her in and performs a trade-off with her husband who gives her the vile of sperm before going into police custody.

A couple of months pass and the couple now have children and are living happily.


Not so much a comedy, but it has its moments and is pretty enjoyable.

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