How I Spent The Last Day Of 2012

Got up rather early about 8 ish and did my chores, I however never ate breakfast till probably around 11, but it was pretty late in the day. Turned on my computer and did my usual routine of checking my email, and browsing through the various social networks I am on before becoming bored of the same stuff and funny pictures. I listened some music for a while and got into the blogging mood, I headed over to my blog and started going over the year from beginning to end and covered the starting of my blog to present day.

That took me a while to remember exactly what I had done throughout the year as well as correcting spelling errors because it had been such a long time since I had actually typed anything, I was making a lot of spelling errors, even on the simplest of words like “to” I was typing “ot”. But I persevered and finished the post and after battling spelling errors, I realized that my images and post layout had all been messed up after publishing, but I said “to hell with it” and left it at that.

I then opened up a game “Need For Speed Underground 1”,

Need for Speed: Underground
Need for Speed: Underground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been close to finishing up the game only the last races were left and I was rather angered by the game, cheating me in race, I would be driving awesomely and suddenly my car would spin out of control, and it would take forever to reset the car, or my car would be left facing the opposite direction in which I was supposed to be going. All of which angered me, I however pulled out my exceptional gaming skills and won my races. I took a short break and went outside and wound up burning a pile of dry palm branches (sorry climate people) which was just there, my mom was a bit paranoid about it turning into a bush fire so to keep her from screaming out my ears I got a bucket of water even though it was not necessary.

Had a laugh with my family members as all of us were outside watching the fire, before it eventually burned itself out and I went back inside, washed my hands off and jumped right back into my game. I had the last two races left and I flat out dominated them, until I event felt bad, not really though. I was awarded with a message saying “ You have completed Need For Speed Underground” and I just smiled and closed that game. I took a half an hour and went into the world of social media, nothing had changed and I opened up Need For Speed Underground 2,

Need for Speed: Underground 2
Need for Speed: Underground 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and was prepared to continue my rein of awesomeness, by hopefully completing that game before midnight.

I decided to take my final bath of 2012 and paused the game, during my bath, I was humming some Dubstep all the while which sort of kept my hype going. I remembered that my sister was having people over so I put on a vest and a jeans, because I had the intention of putting on a shirt when they arrived but wasn’t really feeling in the shirt mood at the moment. Continued my game, and all I was doing was driving the streets doing outrun races, before my sister called me for help to move the dogs “talk about bad timing”. Reluctantly I helped her and again washed my hands and went to put on a shirt as the persons had started to arrive. The whole get-together was supposed to happen out side but rain started falling and soon there was a house full of people.

I switched from Need For Speed Underground 2, to Halo 1,

Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: Combat Evolved (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had started it the day before but on normal because, I did not want to be cursing in-front of strangers. Anyway I started playing, because I had beaten out the game before, on a harder setting it seemed very easy, and time flew rather quickly, before I knew it, it was midnight and a friend, interrupted my gaming after she sent me a message. I wished her a Happy New Year, went onto my social networks and updated my status before jumping into Photoshop in an attempt to create a 2013 banner, I did come up with one that looked nice, 2013 Bannerbut I did not publish it.

For about 1 am I jumped back into the game and started kicking more alien butt, and reached the stage at the island in Halo, by about 2 minute to 3. I decided to log off the computer and be sociable, the group talked and had their little jokes, I stayed there up until after 5 before the day’s activities caught up to me and I passed out. I woke up for close to 6 am and finally went to bed.

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