January 2nd 2013

Had to wake up early, I had set my alarm for about 5am so that I could wake up to go and buy cooking gas. That plan failed horribly, the alarm went off and I just turned it off even though I had placed it on the desk which usually forced me to get out of bed. I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep, my mom woke me up however when the truck was passing and started screaming and shouting at me to get up. I had to sprint from the hill I had with a 20LB gas cylinder in my hand and shouting at the truck to stop. I managed to get a break though as they heard me and stopped, I had to hurry as the truck was in the middle of the road but luckily no vehicle had to pass.

In my rush to get out of the house to get the gas I did not even had time to properly put on my shirt which was swinging from my neck, and the wind was freezing cold and It’s the Caribbean. I lugged with the gas cylinder to my gate before putting on my shirt but it was inside-out but I ignored it and focused on the next challenge. As I had been hit with the flu, but strangely I had not gotten sick just the fever and sore throat and then I was well, my body usually gets weaker and I had been very reluctant to exercise to get back my strength and abs. So this 20LB gas cylinder when full felt like 100LB to me which was kind of hard to carry up a hill in the early morning cold wind which felt like if it was freezing.

I managed to make it into the house and I just jumped back into my bed and curled up under my sheet and went back to sleep. I finally got back up at 9 to eat breakfast and do my chores before I jumped online. I checked my emails and blog stats before I started my gaming marathon. This time featuring

Need for Speed: Underground 2
Need for Speed: Underground 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Need For Speed Underground 2. I played that until it was about 3pm, before I ate lunch. While I was eating lunch I pulled up a small documentary called “Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey” it was about polar bears and their struggle with climate change. I enjoyed it even though it was an hour-long (I won’t be doing a review on it).

Jumped back on my blog and published the quote for the day along with some movie reviews I had saved up as it was a Wednesday (Movie Day). I was supposed to write up the journal post for the first day today but really I was not in the typing mood so I just said I would save it for the next day. I buzzed through the internet for a bit and checked out the social networks and my email. I then jumped into some designing tutorials as I came to the decision that I should learn to design before I learn to code as Web Design requires me to be able to design first, then code because unless you know what you are creating you can’t code it. The tutorials took me up to about 10 before I called it quits for the night.

“John Carter” was showing on TV so I said why not, plus I had a small crush on the woman who played the princess, so I stayed up and watched the movie up until the end, still think that John Carter was an idiot though, I was thinking about going in with the computer and be productive but I was also very lazy and decided against it and instead headed straight for bed.

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