The First Day of 2013

After going to sleep at 6 in the morning, I woke up at mid-day. I came out and after seeing that no one was up, and all the other persons had already gone home I went back to sleep. I got up again and ate what I called breakfast because it was technically my first meal of the day and then went back to bed.

I eventually left my bed at 4 in the afternoon after battling with my bed to leave it as my body just wanted to stay and lie down for the entire day. I went online and did some blogging. I started doing some thinking and decided that instead of posting all of my quotes on one day, I would post a quote everyday so that my blogging has more continuity.

After I got done with my blogging and did my social media marketing stuff, which is basically posting it on the social networks I am on, and hoping that people click it. I checked my email, and found out that an order I had made for some stuff would be arriving by Next Week, so I would be getting it by the time school reopens on the 14th which for me is perfect timing.

Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: Combat Evolved (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After realizing I had nothing else to do as I rarely talked to any

one on messenger / Skype, I started my gaming marathon with

Halo: Combat Evolved up until it was close to 8. Then I went back online to check out what was happening, before trying to watch The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, but sadly I could not do it. I then went into my room with the computer and stayed up and watched a couple of movies before going to sleep for about 1.

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