January 3rd 2013

Today started off well, I woke up at my regular time of close to 9 am in the morning. Had my breakfast and had no intention of going outside, my mother thought otherwise. The road to my house (more or less a private road) the front was being fixed as the person that did the road initially was either drunk or high or probably both, because the road had a dip at the start which is a problem for vehicles, especially when the back is empty. That was being done, and I did my chores and went back inside to go do some heavy blogging.

For about 10 my mother, comes and calls me to come down and help them carry down the mixed up cement (Marta), now I am not exactly happy with this because it messes up my day, but I said okay and threw on some dirty clothes and went out. It wasn’t all that hard, the hardest part for me was going down the hill because my legs were trembling, because they weren’t custom to the weight.

The only thing that messed up the day was that after most of the cement had gone down, rain came, it didn’t do much damage though, because the section was covered and most of the water was in the drain. I managed to make it to the house and get out of that cold rain, but sadly my shirt sacrificed itself so that I could remain dry. I changed my shirt and went back and by 12 everything was done and we went back up.

When I came back up, I just went straight to my room and lied down for a while before getting up to go eat. I jumped back online and did a bit of blogging before I got bored and started playing video games for a while. Before I knew it it was the middle of the night and I decided to take a bath and just go to bed.

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