January 4th 2013

It is a FRIDAY!, the first Friday of the year, and I was going to have the house all to myself as everyone was going into town. I was awaken at 7 am by my mom who told me that I had to go over by my cousin to collect something for my aunt before they left home. I ate breakfast and threw on a shirt before leaving for about 8, give or take a few minutes. As usual I had to walk down to the gap to catch a bus, but as soon as I got there I got a bus and was on my way.

To my surprise it was one of the few busses that were driven by women, and I was the only passenger, which sort of scared me a bit, but not too much because I was in the front, so if it came that I had to abandon the bus I won’t waste any time. Luckily it did not have to come to that as I reached my destination safely.

The next hold up was the fact that as soon as I reached rain started coming, I wouldn’t have mind much if it was after I had gotten to my cousin and was on my way back, but before meant I had to wait until the rain had finished falling, which knowing the unpredictable weather, could be a while. I chilled out for a bit, until it was just a drizzle and decided to take my chances.

I got there and back, in no time at all and the rain, stopped when I reached back at the bus stop, which I felt was kind of strange. Before I had time to catch my breath a bus came, and I just caught that and in what seemed a lot less time than what it had taken me to get there, I was back in my neighborhood. My next challenge was a 10 minute up hill walk from the gap to my gate.

I made it, but it took it’s toll on my unfit slender body, however after a couple of minutes I caught my breath and I was just in time as my mother was busy getting ready to leave. My mother left for 10 with my aunt but my sister had already left before I had returned so I took some time to recover and listen some music.

Soon it was midday and I went for lunch; there was no juice in the house and I did not feel like mixing any, I decided I would drink a malt; but then I had an idea for a drink mix. My mom had some home-brewed liquor, and my sister had a half bottle of champagne in the fridge, plus the malt I had and some essence, and since I was the only one at home I said why not.

I pulled out a measuring cup, one that measured about 1/4 or 1/3 I am not really sure, but I added 1 of the measuring cup filled with the home-brewed liquor, then I repeated the same with the champagne and essence, then out of some crazy idea I added a bit of pepper. If I had not added the pepper; the mixture probably would have gone down great, but the pepper made it taste like crap so after drinking about half glass I ended up pouring the rest of it down the drain and did my clean up.

During my lunch I did a bit of gaming up until 3, then I went onto YouTube and I came across some videos by Eddie Griffin; and I got hooked and wound up watching them up until 12 in the night before going to bed.

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