January 5th 2013

Ah sweet Saturday, I got up at around 9 and came out for breakfast, my mom told me that she wanted me to come out to the garden to help her dig for “Bush Yams” which are yams that grow wildly. After I got done eating breakfast I went out to her, and she was almost finished, mainly because her hand was “corning up” / bruising because of the digging and I did not know how to dig for the yams.

That got done with for close to 12, and we went back inside as she started cooking. I of course jumped online to check my emails and social networks, I check my movie place, and saw that Taken 2 was out in HD so I decided to make my Saturday a double feature night with Taken 1 and 2. The movies to a while to download, so I did some blogging before I started gaming.

The food finally finished, and not a moment too soon, as my belly had started rumbling. I was still gaming, so I took a while to go for my food even though I was hungry. I eventually got up and went for it, ate and went back to gaming, before I took a break after a friend messaged me. I checked my social networks again and I decided to just relax myself as my movies had finished downloading.

I still had a couple of Eddie Griffin videos on my computer, so I watched one of those, and I was laughing hysterically because it was very funny.

My mom called me to ask me if I wasn’t going to Youth Meeting, but when she had called me it was already 5 and the church was closed so I didn’t bother. I continued watching the video and soon it was close to 7, because I kept being interrupted by people.

I waited around and visited all of my social networks, I remembered I had not shared the quote for the day and did that. Soon it was 8, then 9: movie time. I wasted not time with anything as I had already fixed my lunch and had it waiting for me along with a drink. The first movie started and ended, then in between movies, I decided to wash my wares and go to the bathroom so I wont have to move again until the second movie ended.

The two movies had a combined time of over 3hrs and took me a couple of minutes past 12 before, I decided to go to bed after having a great Saturday.

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