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  1. The original source for this quote is Mike Williams. It was first posted on Poetry.com circa 1998 under the title Seduction “Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.”

    I have maintained my quote over the years (decades in fact) as a logline on my phone and profile pages until I me the love of my life. Since then I simply placed it amid the files of my poetry along with the rest. It was never “anonymous” as I attached it to my Poetry.com profile with a time and date that has since been removed as Poetry.com changed ownership multiple times. I added my quote to later profiles as well (MySpace, AOL)

    After my partner passed away I began to include it again on more recent profiles pages for Facebook, Twitter, and others. Some of these accounts I have since stopped using as I don’t spend as much time on the internet as used to, and others I have deleted due to persistant hacking. Yes, Facebook I mean you.

    Since I am not a young thing anymore, or searching for a fulfilling partner, I no longer use it as once did in the past. I was very lucky to find the one who be the love of my life, another sapiosexual like myself, who happened to be a professional psychologist. Though I am now widowed, I simply don’t have the same desires that I once did as much younger man. My mind has improved over the years, but lets face it, gravity and time are not kind to human body. I have also departed away from any form notions of soul in any religious connotation and man-made religion altogether, prefering the monograph of Aristotle on the psuché as identity and spatio-temporal continuity.

    Now my quote is maintained on my blogs:
    Old blog:
    New blog:
    and poetry page at AllPoetry.com:

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