January 6th 2013

Well look at that the weekend is over; today is Sunday. I overslept a lot, and my mom was already on my case about arriving at church early today, to start off the year on a good note. I managed to reach somewhat on time, depending on how you are looking at it, I was late for Sunday school but early for morning worship. My sister and her boyfriend were going to be there as well, and I had to work the projector.

I was handling the music projections rather well, but because it was hard to hear exactly what the person was singing, when it came time for when they would start mixing up the songs coming down to the end would throw me off. Anyway it was over soon, mainly because it was the first Sunday of the year so the church was full and also communion.

I learned that a couple of persons had given their lives to Christ on old years and were in the congregation today. After communion was finished with everything returned to normal and everyone prepared for the preacher, who was the first lady of the church, and not the church’s pastor who was usually expected to preach for the first Sunday of the year.

She preached a message about time, which is all I could remember, because I was very distracted. In no time church was over and everyone were doing their usual greetings and pleasantries. I found my mom and waited with her, but after she was taking a while I went out to look for my sister. I didn’t have to wait because as soon as I came out and found my sister my mom had started leaving.

Upon reaching the gate to my house rain started falling so I had to walk briskly to the house before, it came down in full. I went straight to my room and changed off into a vest and jumped on the computer. After a short amount of browsing, I got bored with the social networks and started gaming but soon that too got boring.

There had been a march and rally that was announced in church and my mother had told me that I was going because I was going to be home alone, I felt differently and she eventually gave up and just allowed me to stay home. I relaxed for the entire afternoon as I was bored and didn’t feel like doing anything.

For about 8 – 9 everyone arrived back home, but I was bored and found myself browsing through YouTube, and came across some tutorials, which held my attention up until later in the night before I went in with the computer and typed up a couple of posts before going to bed.


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