January 7th 2013

Look at how the days fly it is already Monday again; today I had planed to start washing because I had a rather large pile of dirty clothes and school starts next week and with the unpredictable weather, that was affecting the country waiting till the weekend didn’t seem all that smart. I got up for about 7:30 despite going to bed for 2 in the morning. I sorted out my clothes and decided to get the heaviest things washed first as I had to wash them on my hand. Ate my breakfast and for about 8:30 I was about to go outside and start setting up my area, when rain started falling.

I was determined not to make the rain get me angry but then as soon as the sun started shining out another shower came before the weather held up. My next problem was that because the rain had just fallen, there was still water in the spouting, which would be dripping cold rain water directly where I would be washing.

I had to wait around until about 10 close to 11 for the water to dry up so I could start washing. At first I was of the mindset to just cancel everything and go back in because the rain had ruined my timeframe, but I started and before I knew it I was finished. When I finally finished washing it was after 2 in the afternoon, and my mother had already warmed up my food so all I had to do was eat.

Then I jumped on the computer and checked my email and social networks as usual, before starting up Need for Speed Underground 2 for a bit before, I closed it and chose the quote for the day and also post up my journal updates, and share my posts on my social networks before opening back up the game.

Even the game had gotten boring and after viewing the tutorial from yesterday I was feeling creative, but because I was still rebuilding my image library after I had to delete it, when I redid my computer and could not remember where I had gotten some of the images from.

After a while I jumped on YouTube and watched a couple of funny videos before it was close to 9. Monday night raw was showing and I had a look at that, I saw John Cena VS Dolph Ziggler, before I started gaming and then when it was after 11 I saw CM Punk VS Ryback, and for a minute it looked as if Ryback was about to win, but then they cheated and Ryback was attacked and CM Punk wound up winning.

I decided that that was enough for the day, and went in and did some blogging before going to bed for about 2:00.

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