January 8th 2013

The second / third day of another week depending on where u count the starting of the week from; Woke up early / late again depending on how you are looking at it, because I find 9 am kind of early to be leaving my sweet bed. I went out to find the house empty, I knew my sister had gone to school / work because she is a student nurse. My aunt had gone to driving lessons, and it was only my mom that was unaccounted for, but I wasn’t too concerned as I had everything I needed and if I needed to find her I could.

I checked and realized that the dogs had been fed so I grabbed my breakfast and went on the computer to see what was happening in the world. Nothing new was happening, people were killing each other, politicians were telling lies and there was still war and bombings in the middle east; again nothing new. I started thinking about my blog and how I would like it to be, I realized that the movies and music reviews weren’t even a passion for me as I mostly did it now because I had to.

I came to the conclusion that the journal posts kind of gave persons a view of my day to day life and was more or less keeping me sane and helping me with my “shyness” and the quotes were good as they speak to different persons who may need the words of encouragements to get them through the day. My design / gallery category was the whole reason behind the blog as it was a personal place where I could showcase my creations, more or less the “report card on the fridge” without the need to cut down trees.

It was a tough decision I was faced with, as to whether or not I should remove the reviews category, which could affect my blog for better or worse and was more or less a gamble. I decided to think it over before I make any hasty decision but like any idea I have, it would not go away or allow me to focus.

By this time it is already late in the afternoon, and I decided to do my blogging and post the tweet before starting to play video games. I took a break and had a bath before I came back and continue my gaming rampage as I was owning Need For Speed Underground 2, but my only problem was that it was running sluggish with the graphics pushed to its max but on low graphics the game is unappealing to play.

I played the game up until after 8 before I switched over to Halo: Combat Evolved, I had reached my favorite stage, where I get to drive the tank, my only peeve with it was that it took too long to reload but that’s where the machine gun came in handy. I played that up until I lost the stage and had to go back on foot to kill aliens. I came off the game for about 10 and again started thinking about what I should do.

I went in and took the computer with me, with the intentions of writing up today’s journal post before going to sleep, I ended up ditching that idea as I could not stop thinking about the decision and I just went to sleep for about 1am.

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