January 10th 2013

Thursday, the weekend soon cometh! I got up around 8 as I had to wash the remainder of my clothes and after reading a weather forecast I was supposed to be having a sunny day all day long; the weather forecast lied. As I was busy eating breakfast and getting all my necessary tools, the rain began falling. This of course ruined my enthusiasm and mood, but I was determined that this rain could suck my balls (so to speak) because I was washing my clothes no matter what.

After, I set out and began setting up my area, the rain and dark clouds, slowly but surely began to move away. I managed to make it, and get all of my clothes washed, but I had suffered a lot of time loss, mainly because of the rain holding me up in the morning. I finished washing, rinsing and hanging out my clothes for about 3 in the afternoon, and I just washed my hands and took a seat by the computer.

I knew that I was not going to feel the urge to move to even go anywhere as my feet were tired from standing up so long. I had to get up though as my lunch was around the table and I could not stretch for it. got it and moved it to the computer desk and while I was up went to the bathroom and did everything I had to because I was about to open up a movie to watch the entire Die Hard Quadrilogy and did not feel like getting up often to got the bathroom.

Die Hard Quadrilogy was a seriously action packed series of movies, some of them contained some nudity and graphic violence but nothing is as good as one guy killing close to 20 terrorists in the name of all things good. The series took me up to about midnight as I skipped Die Hard 2 because I had seen it numerous times.

I ended off the night by catching up with my Journal posts which have now become normal for me to write them up this late at night / early in the morning; whichever view you prefer before going to sleep.

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