January 9th 2013

It is already the middle of the week and it seems as if I was telling you about Sunday yesterday; I got up around 8 and even though I was trying to get the idea of removing the categories from my mind, I could not help but thing about it, and after going over it for about the thousandth time I came to the decision that I should do it. The day had started out raining so I decided not to go out and wash but instead I jumped on the computer.

I checked my email and did my daily internet routines before I went over to my blog, I was procrastinating writing up and publishing the post. Even though I had made a decision, it still was kind of hard to swallow; I decided to go and play some video games for a while, which took me up until 2 in the afternoon.

I finally wrote up the post and published it, after which I just went and looked for a couple of movies to watch, they weren’t new movies: Kick Ass (2010) and the Die Hard Quadrilogy (1988 – 2007). I posted the daily quote and shared them before I jumped back into my video games, so as to give me something to do while I wait for the downloads to finish.

The movies finally finished for around 8 close to 9 in the night which was due to my ISP slow internet connection but it didn’t matter as my goods had been delivered and I decided to close off everything and watch Kick Ass. I have to say it was funny and if you have never gotten to see, you should; it’s idiotic but enjoyable.

Kick Ass took me up to 11 in the night and am basically an owl, I do very little during the day and everything at night. I started browsing the internet and came across a tutorial, which just caught my interest about how to create a pimped out truck in Photoshop. I started reading the tutorial, but alas I realized that this tutorial was too advanced for my skill level, but I read it to completion and decided that it would be a great tutorial to share.

I ended up finishing that tutorial at around 1, 130 so I wrote up a blog post and went to bed feeling very accomplished.

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