January 11th 2013

Friday, the weekend is here! I had to go into town today to get my hair “lined-up” and also collect my package from Aeropost as it was ready to be collected. I got up for around 8 because I was intending to leave home with my mom, but I ended up cancelling that plan as they were going to visit a retirement home and would be there a while and what I had to do would take me about an hour or so to do.

I ended up leaving home for around 11, and got a bus immediately into town; I headed straight for the barbershop, and ran into an old friend while there. I waited about 5 minutes at the barbershop before getting in the chair, the barber took a while but it didn’t bother me much. When I got done there, I headed straight for Aeropost and after waiting a while, I paid for my package and left, but not before I opened it up to make sure that everything was inside.

Went outside and called my mom to find out where she was as I had only my transportation money, so I wanted to know whether to meet up with her or just go home. After speaking with her, I decided to just go home as I had to setup the equipment and test it out to make sure they were working.

I took a short walk to the bus stop and a bus from my area had just pulled in so I got in it and waited for it to full up and leave. I do not know how long I was there but I reached home for about 1 – 2 in the afternoon. I quickly changed my clothes and then got to work, I had unrolled the extension cord and removed the surge protector and were now trying to get it connected so that it was receiving power.

After a few failed attempts, I got it connected together and working properly, my next task was to re-assemble my stereo and do the necessary sound check (which basically meant playing it at very high volumes using various types of music: Bass, Hi and Mid range songs). This of course was my favorite part and rocked it out for about 2 or so hours before I packed it up and saved my settings before turning it off.

My mom came home shortly after for about 5, and I explained the setup to her and assured her that there was no problem with it. She was still doubtful but left it alone. I opened up a game and started playing up until close to midnight before I washed the dishes before opening up a drawing tutorial before going to sleep.

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