January 12th 2013

It’s Saturday (sounding a bit like Rebecca Black there, but oh well) Got up my usual 9 am time as the rules of vacation clearly state, I should not be waking up earlier. Got out and my mom asked me to make tea, while she was making her breakfast, when a delivery arrived. Apparently the tiles she had bought yesterday, had arrived and I had to help keep the dogs from attacking the workers, which was easy work.

I was called by one of the guys to help them out so that they could move faster, I was hesitant at first because I knew one of those boxes of tiles weighed a lot, but at the same time I wanted to see just how strong I am. I lifted the box and carried it no problem, and soon I had gotten into it and was having very little problem with it.

The only problem I was facing was the amount of boxes and there were a lot of boxes as it was for the entire house. I worked through the pain and soon it was finished. I went back inside and washed my hands and ate breakfast, but by this time it was more lunch than breakfast but I ate a lot and then went online to check my email before opening up a game to play.

Because everyone was tired, lunch came around 4 or so and I ate that and then I decided to go and lie down because I was tired. I don’t know how long I slept for because I woke up to my phone ringing. My mom was calling me to help them set up the magic jack by my aunt’s house. I did that, then stuck around a bit and set up my aunt’s wireless phone before going back home to lie back down.

I probably slept for about a half an hour before, they called me to order some books for my aunt using my Aeropost account, because I did not have a credit card myself, I used hers and added it to my Aeropost account incase if she needed me to order anything else for her. I went back home and by now the sleep feelings had left me and I decided to look for some movies to watch.

I found Hotel Transylvania and decided to download that for tomorrow along with two other movies before I went to bed and set the computer to shut down after the downloads had completed.


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