Quote: Don’t Worry About People In Your Past

Well look at that I am starting school today. I am on my last leg and it seemed like if it was just September I had entered community college and now I am getting ready to leave. Woke up early for 5:30, said a prayer and went out, my sister and my mom were up already and my mom had fixed me lunch. I wasted time and took as long as I could up until it was 6:20 before heading into the shower.

The water, was pretty close to freezing and I’m pretty sure a lot of my body shrunk as I was shaking from it all. I got dressed and soon my body was warming back up, before I headed out the door. The sun was blinding and hot but the wind was freezing cold, which kind of confused my body, because I didn’t know whether to tremble or sweat.

Got a bus, while I walking to the gap and soon I was at school because the traffic wasn’t that bad. At school I met up with my friends and it was as if school hadn’t close as we were back at making trouble. After being there for a while, they finally decided to have assembly and made a few announcements but nothing important and soon we were back to making trouble.

Some of my friends had class right after assembly so, I met up with my classmates and hung out for a while. All my classes were in the afternoon and no one really wanted to stay back at school until 5 and more than likely the lecturer was not going to come. After walking about and getting bored, I decided to leave and go home.

Got to the bus stop and met up with some of my friends who had left earlier and we joked around for a bit before they caught a van and left. I had to wait a while and met up with a couple more friends and we talked some random stuff before they left too. Just when I was getting a bit impatient a van working my area finally came, but it was full, but they picked me up still even though I had to stand up for a bit.

The van emptied out and I got a good seat and waited for it to full up and pull out of the bus stop so I could get home, as I was really hungry. I finally arrived home for about 1, but by then I had no feelings to eat so I went about doing my blogging and ate a bit here and there before I finally got all my blogging done for about 6ish.

I immediately went about sharing the posts, before I logged off because my sister needed the computer. After getting off, I finished up eating my lunch and then went into my room to lie down. I passed out and woke up for about 2 am but by this time it was too late so I just went back to bed.

Quote For the Day

Quote #111 Don't Worry About People In Your Past
Quote #111 Don’t Worry About People In Your Past

Selected this quote as over the years I have made a lot of friends and lost some along the way but those that I lost were because I was heading some where, which was different from them.

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