Quote: People May Not Always Tell You How They Feel

Quote #112 People May Not Always Tell You How They Feel
Quote #112 People May Not Always Tell You How They Feel

As you know today is my second day back at school, as the timetable would have it, I have to get up early again because I have class at 8; which meant extremely cold water. I passed out the night before so I kept waking up at various intervals in the night, first at 2am then again at 3am until I fell back and eventually woke up for quarter to 6. I got out and started getting ready, when the current goes; it didn’t go for long, but I didn’t let it stop me as I lit a candle and started doing what I had to. After about 10 minutes or so the current came back and I continued getting ready.

I fixed my lunch and ate breakfast, by the time I had done all of that, it was close to 6:30 so I just jumped in the shower and then got dressed. The van that I would usually catch to reach to school on time was full so I had to walk to the gap, and after a short wait I got a bus and was on my way. The traffic was a bit heavier than it was yesterday, but it wasn’t overly terrible; after about 10 minutes in traffic I got to school.

After waiting around with my friends as our classes were joined for the day, we realized the first lecturer was not coming to class, and after talking with the other lecturer we had, she told us we weren’t doing anything for the week. My friends and I decided to go out to the Community College and hang out for a bit. Got there and spent a couple of hours and I met up with some of my old friends from secondary school before we left.

I decided to go into town and catch a van home as it was easier and the sun was less harsh. After what seemed like an eternity, but it was just 15 minutes I got a van into town. When I got to the bus stop, a bus from my area was getting ready to pull out so I caught that and got home for a little after 1. After considering the idea, I told my mom I wasn’t going back to school as we weren’t doing anything, which was true.

I jumped online and checked my email and social networks as well as my blog, before I opened up Need For Speed Underground 2 and played that up until 4/ 5 and then started blogging. Because I was using the wired modem, I took a while to set up the internet in my room because my desk was more comfortable to type on than the computer desk.

I got through my blogging for about 6 close to 7, I carried the computer back out on the computer desk because my sister would be home soon and she would want to use the computer. After realizing that she was coming home late I continued using the computer and browsed the internet for a bit before I went to be for about 11.

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