Quote: Strong People Don’t Put Others Down

Quote #113 Strong People Don't Put Others Down
Quote #113 Strong People Don’t Put Others Down

Middle of the week and I am home, because I got no school!; the best feeling you could possible have, a mid-week holiday, it’s like a weekend but for only a day. Got up for about 7 and made breakfast for me and my mom, as my sister had left early the morning. My mom informed me that I had to come outside and help her in the garden, which was something I had no intention of doing but because I wasn’t doing anything I decided to go (not like I had much of a choice).

My mom showed me where she wanted clean, it was an old plantain root which had started to die so she was cutting it out to make room for fresh plants. I got through with that rather quick because plantain plants aren’t that hard to cut out with a cutlass (machete type gardening tool) she then told me to cut out a bit of the sugar cane that had gotten out of hand and a bit of over hanging branches to help let in more sunlight.

I cut out the over hanging branches and started on the cane root, but the problem was that there were a lot of sugar cane that were there bundled together, so it made it had to cut out and to make matters worse, the cutlass was very dull so it was even harder. My mom helped me and after cutting out a bit, we piled on some plants that had been cut out and left them by the root to dry, and just burn out the root instead.

After we finished up, we came back inside for about midday and I washed the dishes; because the computer was still in my room I jumped on that and started browsing the internet as I did not feel like gaming just yet. I talked to a friend then I started playing some more NFS Underground 2 up until it was about 4:30.

My sister, had just came home and I decided to get the wireless modem hooked up and go for my aunt’s computer for my sister to use. I moved the monitor which was at the computer desk into my room as the netbook screen size is just not big enough for regular use. When I got done, I did not feel like doing much blogging but I opened up Photoshop to do a bit of playing around and started talking to another friend on Skype.

I messed around with various vintage effects and talked to my friend up until 11, when I finally got the effect that I liked and decided to save that as my first design for the year. I did some social media sharing and then started watching Macgruber, I think the movie was intended to be funny, and at times it was but the guy was downright stupid. That movie took me up until some time after 12 close to 1, but when I checked the modem had already been turned off so I just shutdown the computer and went to bed.

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