Quote: You Can Close Your Eyes

Quote #114 You Can Close Your Eyes

Another day, seems like the days are moving in fast forward. Today I woke up a bit later than I did yesterday, as by the time I finished breakfast it was after 10 close to 11. My mom had wanted me to help her out in the garden again this time, making holes for plants. This I didn’t mind doing because I love to dig, I do it less now but I still love to do it.

When I went out to help her the sun had come out in it’s full fury, luckily we got done in no time at all; I came back inside and washed the dishes before going into my room to use the computer. I checked my email and browsed through my different social media accounts and published a design before opening up NFS Underground 2 to start playing.

I gamed up until close to 4 or so before leaving it to start writing up some blog posts as I had been behind because of designing the day before.

I took a small break to help my mom burn the grass that we had cut out the day before and that turned into chaos because one of the fires after we had lit it got a bit out of control and we had quickly put it under control to keep it from spreading and becoming a problem.

After we had seen the fires burn almost everything, I was given the go ahead to out the remaining fires that were still burning.

Writing up those posts took me up until close to 8 because after doing spelling checks and so forth it was minutes to 8. I shared the posts and I had been in the mood to watch some movies and I remembered that I had the entire Harry Potter movie collection on my computer to watch.

I started watching but I lost interest (the mood was gone) so I went online and one thing led to another and I decided to create a second twitter account for my blog and have my account separate. The blog account would have my old username @ddmboss and I changed mine to my real name. All of that took me up till around midnight and again the internet had been turned off so I opened up NFS Underground 2 and played that up until 2am before I went to bed.

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