Quote: Don’t Give Up What You Want

Quote #115 Don't Give Up What You Want Behold the weekend is here! As you probably already know today is a Friday which means, the week is over and I have school Monday. I got up early as it wasn’t even 9 yet, my mom had woken me up because she and my aunt were going into town and she needed me to feed the dogs. I had told her that I would be washing today but after the sky looked very dark I decided to just wash my school clothes because I had a lot of clean home clothes.

As soon as my mom left home, I turned on the computer and hooked up the stereo and started playing my music at loud volumes (not too loud but loud enough to shake everything in the house) while I fed the dogs and washed my clothes. I got my washing done by 1, mainly because I never started washing up until about 11 close to 12.

I warmed up my lunch and again added a bit of alcohol to my drink (think I may be developing a habit) before I went into my room, because I was in the movie mood and I knew just exactly what to watch. I started out watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which ended sometime after 4, but a friend had messaged me on Skype halfway through but I had dual screen on so I talked with her and watched the movie.

We talked up until 7 before I started watching another Harry Potter movie as I was determined to finish the entire collection.That movie ended close to 10 then I started another which ended a little after 1. I went out side after and checked the house before shutting down the computer and going to bed.

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