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Quote #116 ThinkUh its Saturday, and my mom felt the need to wake me up at around 9. She had told me to go and wash because today, the sun was shining brightly and my sister was not home, so I had no excuse not to. I really did not want to but she was right, I had no excuse, so after eating my breakfast I stripped my bed and took my towel out to go wash.

By the time I finished washing and rinsing (doing all this by hand) it was about 1:30, when a rain decided to just start falling out of nowhere, which just killed my entire mood. Lucky for me it didn’t rain too long and soon the sun was shining as if nothing had happened. I went back out and hung my clothes out to dry before going into my room.

I jumped online to check my email and after becoming bored, I started playing NFS Underground 2 up until it was about 330 before I left to start getting ready because I had youth meeting today. Managed to accomplish good time even though I was moving slowly, I left home for about 430.

When I arrived they were just commencing and were in the middle of praying so I snuck in at the back. There was a short exaltation to begin the youth meeting after which we got down to today’s activity. The activity was that the reader would begin reading a portion of scripture in the bible and you would have to find that scripture and continue reading it.

Because most of us did not really know our bible cover to cover, the youth director decided to tell us whether the scripture was in the old or new testament along with the name of the book it was taken from. I did not have my bible as did a lot of persons but we shared and in the end my group came out victorious, no thanks to me though.

We then listened to a song which we were required to practice and learn for Youth Sunday, which was the Sunday after tomorrow. Youth Meeting ended at around 6 and I was home in no time, mainly because it was extremely cold. I got home and searched through the school website after I learned that they said that exam results would be posted online first.

After a fruitless search, I then checked out vehicle covers because my aunt asked me to before I went to continue my Harry Potter movie marathon. I made sure to log out of Skype and started watching. I manage to watch two movies before I realized it was already after 12 and was close to 1. I still had to wait up a bit as a download I had going was close to finishing and because I was using Firefox, there was no resume function.

I ended up going to sleep for exactly 1 am and straight way fell a sleep.

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