Quote: God Is A DJ

Quote #117 God Is A DJToday is a Sunday, which could mean only one thing; sadly I had school tomorrow. I got up for 8 and my mother was already on breakfast, so I just had to prepare what I wanted to eat before showering. Took a shower, and got dressed, before leaving home for about quarter to 10. I knew I was late but I had only missed Sunday school so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Today was men’s Sunday, so they were in charge of the worship service as well as preaching. I didn’t have to do anything as I was not needed to work the projector. It was really cold so I moved a bit from my regular seat in front of the window, and tried to keep myself warm. Later on the sun started shining brightly and soon, it was hot again but that didn’t last long as it was again cloudy.

The weather played this cruel game, up until church ended at 12, I said my hellos to a couple of friends, and was handed the words to the song which we had to do next week Sunday for Youth Sunday. After I looked around a bit and saw that my mother had left already, I left and caught up with her.

I got home and wasted time for a bit, as my mom hadn’t cooked as yet, so she had to cook after church; which meant a long wait. After giving up I decided to go into my room and jump on the computer and after checking my emails, I continued my movie Marathon.

I had the final three movies from the collection to watch: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 & 2. I finished the first movie sometime after 3 and by this time lunch had finished, so I took my plate back to my room and started watching part 1 of the deathly hollows. That movie ended for about 6 or so and I decided to leave the computer and carry out my plate and do some blogging before starting to watch the final part.

I finished up all my blogging by 830 there about and started watching the final part. I had to admit I enjoyed all of the movies and they were great. The final movie ended close to 11 and I was already extremely tired. I checked my email one final time before downloading some images and finally going to bed for about 1.

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