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It’s my first Monday, of “official school”, and to make it just that much terrible, my class is scheduled for 12 to 2. At first I thought it was an error on the timetable but I realized that it wasn’t. I had to get up early and make my lunch as well as prepare for school. I really wasn’t in the school mood, so I just placed a pack of loose leaves into my bag, along with a pen and I was set. I eventually left home for 11, and after waiting a bit got a ride to school.

Got to school and met up with some of my friends, their class had ended since early in the morning and had to stay back because their class was joined with mine for a class from 3 to 5. I checked to see what I had, then hung out with them, until they left. I then met up with my classmates, and after waiting around for a while, I saw a couple of friends and hung out with them up until what was supposed to be class time.

After seeing the lecturer go for lunch, I decided to go for lunch as well. I had to search for an empty classroom, as my usual place was being converted into a workshop. I ended up in the auto building as that was the only place with empty classrooms. Ate came back down and hung back out with my friends, by this time it was close to 1.

For 1 the lecturer came, and actually had class, the class was Renewable Energy Technology (RET), I knew a lot about it as I had done a bit of research on renewable energy in the past. He went into a bit of detail about RET and before I knew it, it was 2:30 and he was still teaching, but he had to end because another lecturer was scheduled for the classroom from 2.

My next class was from 3 – 5, it was Introduction to Telecommunication, after hanging out with my friends for a bit, up until 3, I went to class. The class had to wait for a bit, because the lecturer was a bit late. When he finally came, he just gave a brief overview of what was in store for the course, and a bit about our course structure.

The lecturer ended the class early for about 4, and I hung out with my friends for a bit before catching a van home. Got home and played some video games before jumping into some blogging. I was supposed to have Telecommunication class at 8 but the lecturer canceled that class so I had class at 1. I stayed up late browsing through the internet, my sister was home sick, so I was responsible for turning off everything.

I found some video tutorials and left the computer on to download them before going to bed for 1am. I had set my alarm so as to wake up and turn off the computer in the event the downloads had not finished as yet.

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