Quote: Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel

Quote #119 Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel

Well would you look at that, it’s almost the middle of the week and yesterday was the start of it. Class at 1, I am definitely cool with that. Got up at around 4 am and turned off my computer and the modem, then went back to sleep. Finally got up for 8, I made my breakfast and fed the dogs, my sister had gone to the doctor, because she was sick with the flu, oh the irony because she was always on my case about me getting sick a lot.

Turned on the computer for about 10 and checked my email and social accounts before I started getting ready for school. My sister came home for about that time as well, I tried my best not to laugh but I controlled it down to a little chuckle. I bathed and got dressed before making a sandwich for my lunch, which I ate home. I left the computer on to download as everyone was home and it was out by the computer desk so I didn’t have to worry.

I had to walk a bit but go a van right away and arrived to class with a bit of time to spare. Went to class to find out that the lecturer would be a bit late, so I hung out with my friends up until she came. The class was Human Relations and the class was joined together with Information Communication Technology (ICT), Micro Computers and Electronic Repairs (MCER) and Agriculture.

Most of my friends were in ICT and a few from my class MCER but I knew no one from agriculture. The lecturer did a couple of activities to get us motivated and move about before telling us the breakdown of the course, and also giving us an assignment due Friday and ending class.

I left and walked up to the bus stop with a couple of my friends, and as soon as we got there they caught a van and after I walked up a bit more I caught a van home. I got home and was not in the mood to do much of anything, I played some NFS Underground 2 for a bit before coming off that and checking my email and social media accounts again.

I opened up Photoshop for a bit but wasn’t inspired so closed that and after just moping around, and my net acting up, I opened up a movie; Here Comes The Boom. At first the movie was kind of boring but after getting into it I enjoyed it. After that movie, I opened up Killing Them Softly, but Underworld Awakening was showing on the television so I was back and forth between screens until I got tired of it and washed the dishes and went into my room with the computer.

I left the computer on to download the tutorials before setting my alarm for 5 this time to allow the tutorials to finish downloading and went to bed for 12.

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