Quote: Life Throws The Bad Things

Quote #120 Life Throws The Bad Things
Middle of the week…. the weekend soon approaches! Got up for around 8 as I had class from 10 – 1, but I was in no mood to go to school. I eventually got over the feelings and made breakfast and before I knew it, I had to start getting ready for school. I was ready in no time, and left home for a little after 9; I had to walk to the gap and waited a while before a van came and I was on my way to school.

My only class for the day was Renewable Energy Technology, and I was definitely in the school mood at all. Today we were going to go around the campus and take in the various sources of renewable energy, that could be found on the campus and give a recommendation as which source would be a viable option for the college.

Of course the obvious choice would be solar technology as we live in the Caribbean but I still reluctantly went around the school and did a bit of participating. We were supposed to return to class for 12:30 and present a report but everyone was under the conclusion that we only had to hand in the report and we were done, sadly that wasn’t the case and when I strolled in for 12:40 the lecturer was upset but soon ended class after going over a couple of things.

I left in a hurry as I was hungry and knowing the buses in my area, I might have to wait a while, luckily when I got to the bus stop a van passed the same time so I stopped it and after what seemed like an eternity, I was home. Mom had finished cooking and had taken out my food, but in a sudden twist of events, I did not feel hungry or in the mood for food, so I left it for my dinner and started relaxing.

I opened up twitter and did some web surfing, then I made myself a sandwich to get me in the blogging mood and soon I was unstoppable, plus I had a small backlog because I just didn’t feel like blogging. Because of my slow typing and assortment of distractions, it was now taking me close to an hour to type up my journal post instead of 30 minutes (personal record of 20 minutes for a 550 word post), but I did the best I could and finally got them finished for 8.

I remembered I had an assignment that was due for Friday and I just decided to ignore it and found a couple of design tutorials and got inspired by them, mainly because they were simple tips and tricks that I knew how to do. One of them I had used frequently in a lot of my car designs, mainly those that had space artifacts in them, and the other was a simple 1950s look for photographs.

After I read them over, I took to twitter and started tweeting up a storm, up until it was 11. At which time I decided to go in with the computer as a couple of tutorials still remained to download, but after rain started falling, I decided against this idea and shut down the computer and headed to bed.

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