Quote: The Worst Thing In Life

Quote #121 The Worst Thing In Life

Thursday, I had class at 1, so I had time to relax and sleep in late, A guy can dream right, sadly I was up at 8, and ended up making breakfast and had to do some chores. Before I knew where the time had went, it was 10, and I jumped online, checked my email, then allow my tutorials to download. I don’t remember exactly all I did but I took a shave, and bathed and it was 12. The only thing I was left to do was, eat a sandwich and leave home.

Got to school, for a little after 1, had to take a quick look at the timetable before going to class to get what I needed (room number), I got there and the lecturers were setting up. The course was Electronic Applications and Maintenance (ELAM), my only problem was my seat as I accustomed to a laidback seat and the chair was very far from the wall and I was too lazy to move it against the wall.

The class was interesting to me, as a lot of what they were talking about I had experience with as I had destroyed a lot of appliances over the years. Not that much these days, as I’m a bit older, so I am focusing on fixing them now. When I left that class, I was extremely tired, so I caught the first van home. Today was tutorial day, and I had two perfect tutorials, which I had tried out and were simple enough to do.

The Tutorials:

Photoshop tutorial: Apply authentic-looking vintage effects to photos

Read more: http://digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/photoshop/apply-authentic-looking-vintage-effects-photos/#ixzz2J852HJTE

Photoshop tutorial: Create a deep-sea feel using blending modes

Read more: http://digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/photoshop/create-deep-sea-feel-using-blending-modes/#ixzz2J85J6pjE

I did my usual daily blog, and was about to post the tutorials, when my internet started acting up, forcing me to have to cancel the posts. I did my usual social media thing, and talked complete idiocy, up until I remembered I had an assignment to do for tomorrow. I searched high and low, and found a PDF, which I believed to be my lifesaver, as it had everything I was looking for.

I read it through and started making my one page summary, from the 10 pages of information I had read, I never got done until 1, and because I had class at 8 I just went straight to bed, with hopes that I would wake up in time to reach to school early.

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