Quote: Do Not Let The Shadows Of Your Past

Quote #122 Do Not Let The Shadows Of Your Past

IT’S FRIDAY! FRIDAY! (In the words of Rebecca Black), finally the end of the week, is here. I had class at 8, straight up until 12, which was a serious discouragement, plus I went to bed late. I woke up late, and had to rush out and print off my project, but the printer was not properly installed, which meant more problems, then I had to make breakfast and start getting ready.

I never left home up until minutes to 8, and then I had another problem, getting a van to school. Due to the fact that all the buses run together in the same time period, there is a huge gap left, and then there is a rush when a van finally comes. Anyway, I finally got one and was on my way to school, the traffic was murder, but it was soon over. When I got to class, the lecturers were still setting up, so by technicality, I was early.

Today was a practical class, and we were supposed to identify various electronic components, that were in many electronics. Again my years of destroying stuff came in handy and I was able to Identify a lot of them, although there were a few that I knew but just didn’t know their names. The lecturers told us and after explaining what a lot of them do, the class was over.

The other class that I was supposed to have after had been canceled after the lecturer said that she would not be attending class, but we still had to hand in our assignments. I waited around and hung out with my friends but I had things to do for my mom, so I left when a van came.

Got in town and headed over to Aeropost, it was a slow time of the day, so I was the only person there, and didn’t have to wait long. I then headed to the back to wait for my mother as she needed me to do something. She finally came for a little after 12, and after waiting a while, we got down to it, and signed what I had to, before we got done.

I then went for lunch, I went looking for a small three-ring binder, but couldn’t find any and after feeling very lazy to walk to KFC, I decided to get a cheese sandwich instead. I had to buy pet rice as well, and did that before heading to the bus stop to get a van home. After what seemed like a lifetime, a van came, but I had to wait for it to full up, but that wasn’t all that long.

The drive again seemed to take forever, but finally I was home. I took off my school clothes and relaxed for a bit, before my hunger hit me and I gobbled down the sandwich. I then went online and did my usual browsing around the internet. I went into my room and just relaxed, my mom came home for around 5 and was just getting ready to leave again.

I went back into my room and I was feeling too tired to blog, so I decided to rest for a bit, that resting turned into me tweeting all night, up until I decided to download back virtual dj and improve my mood, by doing some mixes. I did that up until midnight before I closed the application and started watching Disaster Movie.

It was a funny spoof type movie, but the vfx are crappy and so was some of the acting, but guess who was in said move Kim Kardashian, and she wasn’t too bad, the movie ended and after I tweeted about it, I went to sleep for after 1.

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