Quote: A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing

Quote #123 A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing

Chose this quote because I was really happy today and was smiling a lot.

The Weekend, the best two days of my life, got up early in the morning as I had to get my room cleaned, because there was supposed to be people coming over, to bless the house. I got that done for close to 8, then my mother told me to wash my school clothes, I ate breakfast first and relaxed for a bit, and never went to was for about 11. Got done washing for about 1, and came in and just went on my bed and lied down. When I came to, it was after 3 and I had to go take out my lunch, and start preparing for youth meeting at 4. I got ready, and left home for 4:30 and reached around when they were just beginning.

Today, was elections for youth president and various positions in the youth department. The position was for two years, and I was nominated for treasurer, but thankfully, I was beaten for the position (I’m happy because I already had too much work as it is). When that got done, we had to practice the song we listened to last week, because we were going to be singing it tomorrow, for youth Sunday. They chose persons for the various tasks tomorrow, I was working the projector, so couldn’t really do much more in the service.

I had to stay back late to practice, with the devotion leaders, so that I knew the songs they would be singing tomorrow. I didn’t mind much as the computer was on with Virtual DJ, scanning through 2000 Songs so I had time to kill. I tried my best to be on point, but still made a few mistakes especially with the songs I didn’t know all that well, and when I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I finished for around 7, and came home.

Upon arriving home, I was surprised to see that there was guests home. I paid them no mind, and checked the computer to see, if virtual dj had finished, and it was so I closed it, and jumped straight way into my blogging. The kids however, came over, and I was talking to a friend as well so I had to keep it clean, but after they realized I was doing boring stuff, they let me be.

I got my blogging done for after 8 close to 9, and was in the middle of sharing it, when my mom informed me that, they would be praying, so I stopped playing my music, and continued doing what I was doing. The guest left for about 10, and it wasn’t a moment too soon as I had just opened up Photoshop, because I was feeling to design.

I opened up a lot of images, and finally settled on one, a Porsche, and splattered it and added a black / blue effect to the background, finished up that for close to midnight and posted it on Deviant Art, before going to bed.

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