Quote: There Are Only Two Days When Nothing Can Be Done

Quote #124 There Are Only Two Days When Nothing Can Be Done

Sunday, woke up for 6 am, I know because I checked my phone, went back to sleep, got up for 7, and rolled over a couple of times before my mom called me. Apparently the gas had finished and she wanted me to go look for gas, after a previous bad experience I decided to go first and check, then walk with the gas pan, because it really is a killer to carry it and then find out they don’t have gas.

I ate breakfast and soon set out for a little after 8, took a short while and got there, and they told me that they didn’t have any gas, so without missing a beat I turned and headed back home. Told my mom and started getting ready for church after resting myself. My sister had gone into the bathroom first so I knew I would be late for sure, but hopefully not that late.

Never left the house until, 9:55, and by the time I reached the church it was a little after 10. I just had to headed straight to the projector, and do my thing. Luckily, there was the prayer first so I had time to relax, before having to start finding the songs right away. The song service, went pretty good, as I made very little mistakes, same problem with hearing what they were saying.

After that the preaching came on and it was good, even though I sort of fell asleep during some parts because I was tired. Church however, ended early, and after greeting a few persons, I went home with my sister, as my mom and aunt had gone to a crusade. There was no food cooked, when I got home as there was no gas, but we borrowed my aunt’s cylinder and started cooking. I started playing NFS Underground on the computer in an attempt to kill time until the food was ready for.

Lunch never got done for close to 4 at which time, I was so hungry, I couldn’t even game anymore. Ate lunch, but ended up getting upset stomach, so had to stop for a bit, I couldn’t even blog or do much tweeting so I decided to relax for a bit. My sister’s boyfriend came over and I jumped into virtual dj, to do a bit of mixing, and a friend requested that I recorded the session so I did that for about an hour, before starting to iron.

As I was finishing my ironing, my mom came home, and this time they were going to anoint the house, luckily around the same time my sister and her boyfriend came back from buying gas, so the three of us went out onto the veranda until they were finished. They didn’t take long, and I went about sharing the design I created last night.

I talked with a friend for a bit, while I uploaded the mix to my SkyDrive before I got prepared for school tomorrow and went to bed for around 11, as I was pretty tired.

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