Quote: Don’t Let The World Make You Hard

Quote #125 Don't Let The World Make You Hard

It’s another Monday again, and look at that it’s almost the end of January, and just yesterday, I was eating Christmas lunch. None the less, today was one of my most disliked days, the good thing was that I had class at 12, and I wouldn’t be having any class after that one as the lecturer wasn’t coming to class today. I got up early and prepared for school, did my chores before leaving home.

I left home a bit late as I wanted to go to the barbershop and get my hair lined-up before going to class. I got a van as soon as I got to the gap, but the van was moving slow, and by the time I got into town, it was 12. I walked briskly and got to the barbershop in no time, I didn’t have to wait on anyone and just went straight into the chair. The barber didn’t take much time, and after I walked to the bus stop and got a van to school.

When I got out of the van it was 12:30, and I said to myself good time, and headed for class, after I saw that there was no one in class, I went in search for an empty classroom to eat lunch and met up with my classmates. I stayed there and ate lunch, before I found out about homework that was supposed to be done for that class, and after reading it over, I decided to make a small jotting from memory.

We stayed in the class up until 1, before checking to see, if we were having class, the room was open but after a lecturer came to the class to talk with us about the new Renewable Energy Lab, that was being put in place, we found out that the lecturer we were supposed to be having wasn’t in today and so we didn’t have class.

I decided to just leave after the lecturer had finished going over some things with us as, it was really useless for me to stay around. Upon leaving, I met up with a couple of friends and they held me hostage, while they waited on their friend, and we talked and fooled around before she came and I went home.

I didn’t have to wait around much as practically as soon as I got to the bus stop, a van came and I was on my way home. Got home and after relaxing for a bit, I went started blogging. I realized that I didn’t have a picture for yesterday’s blog post, so I browsed on Pinterest and found an appropriate one.

When I got done with all that it was close to 9 and Monday Night RAW was on, so I watched that for a bit, and made my various preparations for tomorrow because I had class at 8, I never went to bed until midnight and I never fell asleep until 1, even though I had to wake back up for 6 am.

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