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Quote #126 If You're Nice To Me

I had set my alarm at 5 and again at 5:30 but when it came time for me to wake up, I turned the two of them off and slept right up until 6. I had class at 8 so had to rush everything, made breakfast, prepared my lunch, bathed and got dressed and by 7 thereabout I was out the house. I knew that because this time was really busy, I would have to walk to the gap in order to get a van, and after a 5 – 7 minutes walk I got there.

My next big problem was, the wait for a van, it seemed to take forever, but a van eventually came and filled up by the gap, luckily I got a seat, and soon I was on my way to school. Traffic wasn’t all that bad, plus the van took a lot of back-roads, and I was at school in no time. I got to class early, and met up with a few persons who had reached earlier.

After about 8:30 or so everyone started coming to class, but the lecturer was nowhere to be seen, and I was getting upset, mainly because I had to get up so early and then have to wait until 1 for my next class. A couple of my friends, however came, and we started talking about random things until, the lecturer came for about 10.

We had class up until 11, after which, we all split up, I hung out with my classmates, and ate lunch. Before I knew it, it was 1, and it was time for class. I had Human Relations, a pretty cool class, which I deemed to be an easy A class, but I still paid attention. Soon the class was over, and I just headed home, and after waiting a while, A van came.

I got home, but because I was feeling extremely tired, I decided not to blog today, and wound up opening up NFS Underground 2, and finishing off that game. I then searched for some music and downloaded some Dancehall, while I browsed the internet and chatted with a friend. That convo, ended for about 11 and I prepared for school tomorrow before going to bed.

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