Quote: A Mind That Is Stretched

Quote #127 A Mind That Is Stretched

Middle of the week today, I can’t wait for the weekend, even though, I am broke, still better than, having to go to school. Had class at 10, which went until 1, right through my lunch hour, but on the upside, just one and done. Got up for around 7, and ate breakfast and bummed around the house, until my mother, gave me the job of feeding the dogs. As soon as I got that done, the time had gone and I just had to wash the dishes and hit the showers.

Got myself smelling and looking good quickly, but never left home until 9:30. Luckily, as soon as I had finished walking to the gap, a van came and I caught that, and arrived at school on time. I got to class, to discover, that only two other persons from my class had arrived, which meant that I had to wait for a bit, or until the lecturer decided to start class.

After waiting around, the three of us went to class, and shortly after, the rest persons came walking in. The class was a bit more interesting today, still boring but not as much, hopefully by next week, I will be in the school mood, and everything will be interesting. The lecturer ended class at 12, and immediately won points in my book as my belly was empty.

I wasted no time hanging around school, as I didn’t have any lunch and also most of my friends didn’t have class today. I got to the bus stop, and after what seemed like an eternity, a van came, but it was heading into town, which meant that my wait was only just beginning. The van finally, headed out for a little after 1, and because this was probably the last trip until they went on lunch, the van wasn’t moving all that fast.

I reached home however, for close to 2, and after changing, I came out and got something to eat before, I turned on the computer and went online. I did up the blog post for Monday and had started on Tuesday (I had only typed in the title) but I wasn’t feeling all that well so I decided to relax myself. Around that time my friend messaged me, and we talked, she was pushing me to do my homework which was due tomorrow, but I as usual was slacking off.

I started it and got about 4/20 done (had to write by hand), before I decided to take a break, she was doing some homework as well, so I let her be, and ended up watching an old show on TV Land called MAS*H, up until 9, before I went back in. However I wasn’t feeling in the mood to do more homework, and we talked a bit more before she went to bed.

I went offline, with her and stayed up until 12 watching tutorials, and browsing the internet.

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