Quote: Sometimes Love Isn’t Firecrackers

Quote #128 Sometimes Love Isn't Firecrackers

Well as life would have it, I woke up sick with the flu, I knew it was flu because I had a sore throat, which only occurs when am sick with flu. I knew something bad was going to happen all week, but I though it would be something small because I had been happy all month (life really is a bitch). I didn’t have a fever though, but it meant I couldn’t go to school. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind not having to go to school, but I mind being sick.

My mom made some ginger tea, and that helped the sore throat a great deal, I laid in bed for a bit longer, until I came out and ate breakfast. My mom informed me that there were a few aspirins for the pain, and there was food in the fridge, for me to reheat for lunch and that if I was going to drink more of the ginger that I should reheat it before drinking.

I relaxed for a bit, before I turned on the computer, I had some new music to add to my iTunes and also had some Skrillex downloading. I hooked up the stereo and turned it up to 20/30 and trust me it was loud, and it helped a great deal, as soon I was up and about and dancing around, I couldn’t talk though. I did that up until a little after 3 before I closed up for the day.

I went into my room, and I was feeling in the mood for a movie, and I had remembered I had watch Cloud Atlas, a while back, and so I re-downloaded it. That finished up for a little after 5, and I was preparing to go into full movie mode, when I got messaged. I talked with her for a bit, but then left and started my movie.

Cloud Atlas, at first made me say WTF with that whole gay scene, but it is the best move of 2012, it has everything, action, drama, romance, and it speaks about how our lives are predestined and are shaped and molded by our choices. If all that didn’t make you want to watch it, it also has a hot sex scene halfway down in the movie.

That move ended at around 10, and my mother called me out to make my dinner, and inquired about how I was feeling. I ate and stayed up watching Cars 2, which ended sometime around 11:30 before going in to my room. I stayed up a bit, and browsed the internet for a while before watching a few tutorials and then headed to bed for midnight.

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