Quote: Women Are Crazy and Men Are Stupid

Quote #129 Women Are Crazy and Men Are Stupid

The weekend is here!…. Although to me it feels pretty crappy because I am home sick with flu, instead of out, making trouble. My mom woke me up pretty early because she was leaving home and had already made me breakfast, and I had to eat and drink my tea before it got cold, so I could get better. Finished my breakfast and listened to the radio for a bit, then fed the dogs.

My mom left home for around 9 – 10, I am not to sure when, but I jumped online and hooked up the stereo and had a repeat session of yesterday, up until 1, when I made my lunch. I made my self a special sandwich : I had 2 slices of sliced cheese on the top and bottom of the bread, then I had grated chicken franks in mayonnaise with sweet pepper. I put everything together and before I knew it, the sandwich was gone, even though it took me longer to make it.

I decided that I needed to do some blogging sick or not, my readers were due, their content, and started for about 2pm. Three posts and 5 hours later I was finished, it took me that long because I was also chatting but I didn’t mind the time taken. As usual I did my usual sharing and so on, and also introduced a new add-on to my blog, related / recommended posts by Zemanta, which also had a part to play in how long I took because I spent a bit of it figuring out how to use the add-on.

When I got my blogging out-of-the-way, I started browsing for movies to watch as it was a weekend which meant Movie Madness, even though it had been a while. I found the movies Skyfall and Argo were out, so I downloaded them. The funny thing about Skyfall though, was I had downloaded Adele – Skyfall the night before and here was the movie the next day.

I was still chatting, but since I was dual screening, I moved the convo to one screen and opened up virtual dj for a bit, but that got boring so I started watching a couple of tutorials, these were fundamental tutorials, you know the basics, but they are important and learned a couple of things I didn’t know. After doing a few of those, I browsed the internet and found a few tutorials worth sharing, but because of their length I will only post the links.

Quick Tip: Create a Glass Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles


Quick Tip: Create a Candy Flavored Text Effect in Photoshop


Create a “Parry Hotter” Text Effect in Photoshop


Quick Tip: Create a Neon Text Effect in Photoshop


Yeah, I know everyone is saying that I just keep posting a bunch of text effects, but these are pretty cool and easy to do yourself. My friend and I had gotten into a debate about girls, guns, cars and which of them looked sexy, and the next thing I knew I was asked to create a pic with a gun for her, I didn’t mind much as I wanted to do a gun design.

I ended the convo for a little after 11, and started browsing the net for pictures, of women with guns, and while they are a lot of them, very few I liked, and those I liked, came in very low quality. After giving up for around 1, I left my movies to finish downloading before going to bed.

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