Quote: The Past Cannot Be Changed

Quote #130 The Past Cannot Be Changed

Took sometime to get out of bed, mainly because I spent most of it wishing it was still night as my body felt as if I had gotten about 5 minutes of sleep. I eventually left bed, when my mother called me. She inquired on how I was feeling, and I didn’t know how to respond as I felt quite crappy. I told her that I was feeling a bit better, mainly because my sore throat had eased up a bit.

I ate breakfast and fed the dogs before I went back into my room. The computer was in my room and I decided to go online and continue looking for pictures of girls with guns. After about an hour or so of searching I decided to call it quits as I had a good enough image from the night before. After a couple of hours of fine tuning and editing, this is what I came up with.


I didn’t upload it to my blog as it wasn’t an official design, but I still published it on my Flickr account (@ddmboss). That took me up until a little after 3 to complete, after which I came out for about 4 or so to eat lunch, and brought the computer out with me. I chat for a bit, then took a bath and did some blogging, before kicking off Movie Madness Weekend, with Skyfall.

I had to say, Skyfall was enjoyable, a lot of action, and shooting.  That movie ended for around 11 and I was feeling extremely tired, and decided to call it quits for the night.

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