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Quote #131 The Smallest Things

Sunday!, the weekend is over, and its back to school again, when I awoke it was a little after 8 and my mom and sister were busy cooking and baking, because they were having guests over. I didn’t have anything much to do, as breakfast was already prepared and I only had to feed the dogs. No church for me today, mainly because I wasn’t feeling well, but I decided to jump online to see what was happening in the world. It was just the usual same old news and status updates.

I found myself very bored and started checking for some new movies to download. I ended up downloading: The Man With The Iron Fists, The Bachelorette and Flight. For close to 11, my sister left me in charge of the kitchen, I didn’t have much to do, just monitor the things that were in the oven, and after about 20 minutes or so take out a couple then call her. I did everything precisely and she came checked them, and stayed back for a bit, because I had hooked up the stereo, to play some music (Dubstep / Dance / Electronic) and it turned into a small music battle between the two computers.

Every time she played a Dubstep / Dance / Electronic song I had a better song that she had never heard before, and so I was giddy with the 2200 songs in my iTunes library. She went back to what she was doing, after she had turned off the stove and I continued playing my music loudly while I washed the dishes.

My mom came back from church for a little after 12, and informed me that the guests would be eating over at my aunt’s house, and that all of us would be eating together. I personally didn’t feel like doing any such thing but went along with it anyway. I went and collected my lunch as well as my sister’s and returned home, to eat my lunch and enjoy my Sunday movie.

Today’s movie featurette, was Argo, a documentary about a rescue operation in Iran for 6 American citizens who escaped after the American embassy was taken hostage, by the Taliban. A truly enjoyable movie, and had me on the edge of my seat a few times when I thought that they were going to get caught trying to escape. I would recommend watching it.

When that ended, I moved into my room as my sister wanted to play her music and it was kind of annoying because my headphones could not block out the stereo. I talked for a bit, blogged, and then took a nap, after which I got up and ate dinner. It was around 8 and I checked out my Twitter and Facebook accounts up until 10, before I started watching The Man With The Iron Fists.

A funny action movie and that is all I can say about it, the movie ended for a little after midnight, after which I went straight to bed because I had school tomorrow.

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